7th Generation Encounters Artemis banner

Event Period: May 25th ~ June 7th

7th Generation Encounters Artemis

AP: 30

Play Time: 1

EXP: 300

Zenny: 4,025

Item Drop: Bow Sprite Chief Ragyun, Rainbow Sprite Chief Ragkin, Saffron Bow Princess Deity, Rainbow Princess Deity, Prism Mannan, Soul Shard (Artemis), 5★ Artemis: Arc Jaeger


Before Stage Start

Aphrodite: Ahhh, what a beautiful afternoon. On a day like this, I want to walk arm in arm with my commander and go for a walk. Tee-hee!

Artemis: That won't do!

Aphrodite: What's the matter, Artemis?

Artemis: Walking arm in arm corrupts public morals! Such acts are forbidden!

Aphrodite: What's wrong with it? Walking arm in arm with the person you love?

Artemis: As a Killer Princess, you can't hold such feelings for your commander!

Aphrodite: Fine, then answer me this. How do YOU feel about our commander, Artemis?

Artemis: H-H-H-H-H-How!?

Aphrodite: I, for one, love the commander.

Artemis: !!!

Aphrodite: Loving someone, and having them love us back... That's when we're at our most beautiful.

Aphrodite: And with that, I bid you adieu.

Artemis: Huh? Wait just one second!

Artemis chases after Aphrodite, red in the face.

Aphrodite: Tee-hee! Teasing you's just too easy, Artemis! And way too much fun!

Artemis: Wait! Have you no shame?!

Before Boss Battle

Aphrodite: I still want to know how you feel about the commander, Artemis.

Artemis: I'm...a goddess of virtue! I don't have any special feelings for the commander!

Aphrodite: So you say, but whenever you're together, you act like a maiden in love.

Aphrodite: You sure fawn over the commander a lot for a goddess of virtue.

Artemis: Nonsense! I'd never!

Aphrodite: So I have to ask...

Aphrodite: Are goddesses of virtue allowed to fall in love?

Artemis: !

Aphrodite: Repressed feelings grow ugly and warped...

Aphrodite: Don't fight it. Just tell the commander how you feel. Sincerely expressed feelings are beautiful, you know?

Artemis: I...

Aphrodite: Shall we test your feelings, and see how strong they are?

Aphrodite draws her bow.

Artemis: What are you doing?

Aphrodite: If I beat you promise to abandon your love for the commander?

Artemis: Huh?! I...

Aphrodite: Hehe, here I come!

Artemis: Argh! I...

After Stage Clear

Artemis: I love...

Artemis: I love the commander, more than you do! I just know it!

Aphrodite: Whoa! Such power...

Artemis: Thank you for helping me realize this!

Aphrodite collapses to her knees, overwhelmed by the power emanating from Artemis.

Aphrodite: Hehe, I knew it! You really are strong!

Artemis: I...

Aphrodite: You let your repressed feelings explode...

Aphrodite: ...and this unleashed a hidden power that had been locked away inside you. Right?

Artemis: Aphrodite...

Aphrodite: Go on... The commander is right over there. Go confess your feelings.

Artemis: Aphrodite... Yes! I won't hide my feelings anymore!

Egged on by Aphrodite, Artemis breaks into a run.

Aphrodite: Hehe...

Aphrodite: You look absolutely gorgeous right now...

Artemis: Commander...I love...!

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