7th Generation Encounters Freikugel banner

Event Period: June 15th ~ June 30th

7th Generation Encounters Freikugel

AP: 30

Play Time: 1

EXP: 300

Zenny: 4,025

Item Drop: Gun Sprite Chief Ragjin, Rainbow Sprite Chief Ragkin, Magenta Gun Princess Deity, Rainbow Princess Deity, Prism Mannan, Soul Shard (Freikugel), 5★ Freikugel: Gun Master


Before Stage Start

Freikugel: Hello there! Grimoire! Are you heypy?

Grimoire: Here we go again... It's "happy," ya numbskull.

Freikugel: No, no, no! Not "happy." Heypy! Heypy, okay?

Grimoire: Fine, whatever. Whaddya want?

Freikugel: Teach me your excellent magicness!

Grimoire: Huh? Why should I, Grimoire the Magnificent, teach someone like you my amazing magical skills?

Grimoire: First of all, there's no way you'd ever be able to master them...

Freikugel: Nuh-uh?

Freikugel: My Killium is the magic bullet "Freikugel," which never misses, because it's powered by demonic energy. Understand?!

Freikugel: For me, nothing's impossible!

Grimoire: Fine, if you're that determined. But first...

Grimoire: ...let's see if you've got what it takes!

Freikugel: Okay-dokay! If I win, your magicness is mine, mine, mine!

Before Boss Fight

Grimoire: Where's your magic bullet? Bah, I knew it! You're no good at this!

Freikugel: *Pant* I just...missed you...

Grimoire: Just give it up already!

Freikugel: *Pant* Never give it up! Please? Give me one more chance!

Grimoire: ...Why are you so determined to do this?

Freikugel: Don't you know? You're such a strong girl, but me...I...

Freikugel: I can't just stand put!

Freikugel: I...must update the world--make it peaceful like the commander wants!

Grimoire: ...!

Grimoire: I may have underestimated you. You're not the happy fool I thought you were, are you?

Freikugel: No, no, no!

Grimoire: ...Huh?

Freikugel: Didn't I say? Not happy. Heypy! Got it?

Grimoire: Heh... You've barely learned how to stand on your own two feet, and here you are, already getting cocky...

Grimoire: But I won't go easy on you, got it?!

Freikugel: Okay-dokay! That makes my victory more priceless!

After Stage Clear

Freikugel: It's showtime! Heeyeah!!!

Grimoire: Argh!

Freikugel's attack causes Grimoire to lose her balance, and she drops her stuffed animal Darkling.

Grimoire: Oh no!

Freikugel: Oh, nice! A chance!

Grimoire: !

Freikugel: Or so I thought,

Grimoire: How did you know about my weakness?!

Freikugel: That Darkling thing...means a lot to you?

Freikugel: I don't want to win bad enough to use something important to you like that. Not even if you're my enemy.

Freikugel: I wanted you to teach my your magic, but not so much that I'd be willing to sell my soul to the devil.

Grimoire: !

Freikugel: All right, pick it up! So we can continue!

Grimoire: Fine... I'll teach you my magic.

Freikugel: Whaaaaat?! Why'd you change your mind like that?

Grimoire: No reason! It's not like your words touched my heart, or anything stupid like that, okay?

Grimoire: I guess you could say your unbounded happiness--"heypiness"?--really spoke to me!

Grimoire: Well, you made me "heypy" too, all right?!

Freikugel: Hehe! Wanna know something? When "heypy" and "heypy" come together, the result is...

Freikugel: ...peacefulness!

Grimoire: ...What does that even mean?

Freikugel: Ah, hahahahaha! All right, teach me your stuff!

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