7th Generation Encounters Longinus banner

Event Period: May 18th ~ June 30th

7th Generation Encounters Longinus

AP: 30

Play Time: 1

EXP: 300

Zenny: 4,025

Item Drop: Lance Sprite Chief Ragyan, Rainbow Sprite Chief Ragkin, Azure Lance Princess Deity, Rainbow Princess Deity, Prism Mannan, Soul Shard (Longinus), 5★ Longinus: Holy Lancer


Before Stage Start

Forcas: There's something I want to ask you.

Longinus: ...Go ahead. What is it?

Forcas: Today's battle...

Forcas: You were on the front line, and yet your attack was delayed. Why was that?

Longinus: Um, that...

Forcas: Sometimes we suffer casualties because of your slow decisions.

Longinus: Um, yes...

Longinus: It's because...well...I try to avoid unnecessary fights...

Forcas: ...Unnecessary?

Longinus: Uh, I don't mean today's fight was unnecessary or anything...

Forcas: Today's fight was about saving civilians, and yet you...

Longinus: No, sorry, that's not it! I'm just a coward...

Forcas: I never did like you...

Longinus: Huh?

Forcas: You're so pure, and possess so much power that they call you the "holy lance"...and yet you never seem to have any confidence...

Forcas: And here I am, born as a demonic lance. I despise you.

Longinus: You can't possibly...

Forcas: I've tried to swallow my pride recently, but...Longinus...

Forcas: ...seeing you always turns me back into a demon!

Forcas holds her demonic lance in the attack position with a grim look on her face.

Forcas: The holy and the demonic... This battle will prove which is the better lance once and for all!

Longinus: Forcas, stop!

Before Boss Battle

Forcas: You're too soft. It's time someone whipped you into shape!

Forcas: Your power is useless. I'll defend our commander!


Longinus: Argh!

Longinus somehow fends off Forcas's lance.

Longinus: Forcas, you...

Longinus: You're not a demonic lance.

Forcas: ...Huh?

Longinus: Please become the lance of a goddess...and save our commander.

Forcas: ...!

Forcas: You want me to defend our commander?

Longinus: ...Yes.

Forcas: Trying to shirk your duty as a Killer Princess, and asking someone else to do it instead...

Forcas: proof of how soft you are!

Longinus: I...

Forcas: No more talk!

Forcas flew into a rage, attacking Longinus with her demonic lance.

After Stage Clear

Longinus: *Pant*

Forcas: Why do you act this way? You have so much power! Oof!

Longinus strikes at Forcas, forcing her to her knees.

Forcas: As strong as you are, why do you ask another Princess to protect our commander?

Forcas: Even if you won't do it...I'll defend our commander no matter what!

Longinus: I'm bad at fighting, so if someone else will defend our commander...

Longinus:'s for the best.

Longinus: It doesn't matter who does it. As long as our commander is safe, that's all that matters. That's all I care about.

Forcas: What?! You're...

Forcas: Heh... I said the phrase "demonic lance" a lot, but...the ugliness in me wasn't the Killium...

Forcas: was my heart.

Forcas: That's where the demon took up residence.

Longinus: No, that's not...

Forcas: But when my hideous demonic lance struck your holy lance, something clicked.

Forcas: I was wrong to disrespect you in that way! Please forgive me!

Longinus: Just...stop...

Forcas: You deserve to be called the "holy lance," after all.

Forcas: You're both kind and honorable.

Longinus: Please, just stop! I'm none of those things!

Longinus turns red with embarrassment--a far cry from the radiant look on Forcas's face as she continues to show her respect.

The reconciliation between holy and demonic lances had ended in a farcical yet heartwarming scene.

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