7th Generation Encounters Parashu banner

Event Period: June 1st ~ June 30th

7th Generation Encounters Parashu

AP: 30

Play Time: 1

EXP: 300

Zenny: 4,025

Item Drop: Axe Sprite Chief Ragon, Rainbow Sprite Chief Ragkin, Emerald Axe Princess Deity, Rainbow Princess Deity, Prism Mannan, Soul Shard (Parashu), 5★ Parashu: Berserker


Before Stage Start

Parashu: So it's you? The "Seventh Killium" selected as my rival?

Parashu: Mind favoring me with a bout?

Shu: Hmm? And who the heck're you?

Parashu: ...You've never heard of me? Very interesting!

Parashu takes out an axe and swings it in Shu's direction.

Shu: Hah.

Parashu: !

Shu dodges the attack as if it is of no consequence.

Shu: What's this? You want to play with me? Hooray!

Parashu: ...Argh! You dare treat the axe of Parashu like a mere toy?!

Shu: Huh? Parashu? Parashu... Oh, I remember now!

Shu: It's you! The one they said was stronger than me!

Shu: Well, they were wrong! Of course I'm Stronger than you! I'm the most powerful one around!

Shu unleashes a blow, but Parashu somehow deflects it with her axe.

Parashu: Argh! Why are you so powerful?! You're a mere child...

Shu: You really think that's all I am? Hah, I'll pulverize you! Bam! Slam! Pow!

Parashu: This is good... Defeating a powerful enemy will only make me stronger!

Before Boss Battle

Shu: See? You said it yourself! I really am stronger than you!

Shu: I won't lose to you, Parashu!

Parashu: Urgh! Such power... All she has is natural talent, but will that be enough to defeat me?!

Parashu: Damn! This is inexcusable! This untrained child spells my doom? What was the point of all my training, then?

Shu: Don't make fun of me!!!

Parashu: What?!

Shu: "The only way out of the dragon's den is to climb."

Parashu: Dragon's den? Climb?

Shu: See! I'm learning things, too!

Shu: I'm training to protect my commander, the greatest one of them all!

Parashu: ...!

Parashu: I see... You'll have to forgive me. I didn't realize you were such a magnificent Killer Princess.

Parashu: And yet here I am, judging you based on your external appearance... I can see now I was wrong.

Parashu: It's an honor to be selected as your rival. I'll challenge you again, now...

Parashu: ...with the utmost respect!

Shu: Haha, okay! Let's fight some more! Fighting you is super fun!

Parashu: Heh... You finally said the word "fight."

After Stage Clear

Shu: Ah, hahahahahah!

Parashu: Argh! *Pant*

Shu: Parashu, you're amazing! What was that you just did? That one move where you went BAM!

Shu lies on her back, having been knocked to the ground by Parashu's blow.

Parashu: *Pant* I don't know... I just kinda...did it...

Shu: So cool! Show me how!

Shu: Here, take4 this steamed bun! It's delicious. You'll love it!

Parashu: huh? Why are you giving me this...?

Shu: We fought, right? So now we gotta make up and be friends again!

Shu: We're friends now, see!

Shu: I'm...being respectful!

Parashu: Hehe... You're a wonderful, mature woman. More so than me, even.

Parashu: Thank you kindly for the bun. Here, take this as a sign of my friendship.

Parashu hands Shu a beautiful rose.

Parashu: May this rose symbolize your noble heart, which--

Shu: *Chomp*

Parashu: Huh?

Shu: Delicious! Woohoo! It's a deal! Now we're friends!

Parashu: ...That wasn't food.

Parashu: Heh, whatever. Now we're not just rivals...

Parashu: ...we're good friends, too.

Shu: Yeah! Friends forever!

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