Amenonuhoko Chara Quest


Episode 1: The Unknown

Amenonuhoko: Hmmm... That's not right... That's not right either...

Amenonuhoko: Hm? Oh, Commander, it's you. How long have you been standing there?

Amenonuhoko: For a few minutes? I didn't notice at all.

Amenonuhoko: Hm? What was I doing? Here, I was painting a picture.

Amenonuhoko: What did you need to see me for? Are we heading out to battle?

Amenonuhoko: Oh... That's a relief. I'm glad we don't need to fight right now.

Amenonuhoko: I don't like fighting.

Amenonuhoko: I would much rather paint my pictures. I prefer creating things. Not destroying them.

Amenonuhoko: This picture? What did I paint, you ask? Well...

Amenonuhoko: I'm not sure.

Amenonuhoko: To be honest, I'm not really sure what I want to paint.

Amenonuhoko: But...

Amenonuhoko: I do know I want this fighting to end as soon as possible. I'd like to be able to paint a peaceful world.

Amenonuhoko: But I can't.

Amenonuhoko: See, it didn't come out right at all. Actually, I can't even tell what it is, let alone if I painted it well or not.

Amenonuhoko: What do you think, Commander?

The commander was confused. If the one who painted it couldn't tell what it was, who could know?

But she was so sweet-natured the commander couldn't tell her that.

Episode 2: World-Making

Amenonuhoko: ...

As she faced her canvas, the commander asked her if she had finished her painting.

Amenonuhoko: Zzz... ...Huh?

Her commander was shocked to realize she was asleep!

Amenonuhoko: Oh, Commander, it's you. How long have you been standing there? I didn't notice at all.

The commander thought inside, "That's because you were asleep."

Amenonuhoko: Oh, this picture? No, I wasn't painting.

Amenonuhoko: I was just trying to figure out why I haven't been able to paint recently.

Her commander didn't have the heart to say what came to mind first, which was, "Really? It looked like you were just sleeping."

Amenonuhoko: I heard once that this land and all the stars we see were created by a huge explosion.

Amenonuhoko: I used to think that all creations started with an idea.

Amenonuhoko: But perhaps creation starts with destruction.

Amenonuhoko: If tht's true, then I don't think painting is right for me.

Amenonuhoko: I'm more suited for making things, not breaking things. Fighting only breeds destruction.

Amenonuhoko: But right now this world is filled with ruin.

Amenonuhoko: Maybe I'm not right for this world at all.

Amenonuhoko looked down sullenly.

"But you've saved me time and again."

Amenonuhoko: Hmm...

"We all need you around, Amenonuhoko."

Amenonuhoko: No...

"You can make something new here."

Amenonuhoko: Yes, good idea.

She was gentle and had the soul of an artist, but right now she was struggling with her own identity.

Amenonuhoko: Zzz...

The commander was shocked to find she had fallen asleep again.

Amenonuhoko: Oh, Commander, it's you. What were we talking about?

Amenonuhoko: What's wrong? Why are you shaking your head?

The commander never knew what to expect with her.

Episode 2: Spiral of Truth

Several days later, the commander went to check on Amenonuhoko again.

Amenonuhoko: *Slurp* Ahh, that hits the spot.

She was drinking tea! Not painting anymore! The commander was surprised by the scene at hand.

Amenonuhoko: Oh, Commander! Come over here! Would you like a cup of tea?

Amenonuhoko: My paintings? I've given up on that.

The commander was startled to hear such news.

Amenonuhoko: Like I mentioned before, I don't think I was suited to painting.

Amenonuhoko: I was fretting over what to paint so much, I ended up stressing myself even more.

"Have you really given it up?"

Amenonuhoko: Yes! I quit cold turkey!

"That's a shame."

Amenonuhoko: Don't worry! I'll find something else to do!

"This world could use more beauty in it."

Amenonuhoko: I'll find something else that's more fitting for this world.

Amenonuhoko: I realized something. The world continues to spin even as these days of war rage on.

Amenonuhoko: If that is true, then surely a day will come when there is no more war.

Amenonuhoko: So, all I have to do is wait. I know a peaceful age will come around again.

Amenonuhoko: I will wait patiently for that day...

Amenonuhoko: !!

Amenonuhoko: Spinning?

Amenonuhoko: Spinning... Spin...

Amenonuhoko: Oh!

There was a brilliant flash of light and then Amenonuhoko began painting furiously.

Amenonuhoko: Days go by and this world continues to spin. Endlessly spinning! That is the way of things! That is the meaning of the universe!

Amenonuhoko: I finished the picture I've been wanting to paint!

Amenonuhoko: It is like a star and an eye at the same time.

Amenonuhoko: Like eyes that see the truth of this world. That is what I painted!

Amenonuhoko: Commander, I've seen it!

Amenonuhoko: After destruction come rebirth! If i Believe in rebirth, then I cannot wait. I must fight!

Amenonuhoko: Let this brush become my lance!

Amenonuhoko: A new skill, "Spiral of Truth," has been painted into my heart!

It was at that moment she discovered a new skill.

Amenonuhoko: Heeheehee... I did it. I can finally see the picture I couldn't see before. And now my heart is bared for all to see.

Amenonuhoko: Hm? Oh... When I spin around like this... Everything becomes a blur.

Amenonuhoko: Uwah!

Her eyes spinning dizzily, she fell over.

The commander caught her before she hit the ground.

Amenonuhoko: Uh...Commander? Wh-Where are you?

She struggled to find her feet though she was completely off balance. The commander couldn't help smiling at how cute it was.

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