Arondight Chara Quest


Episode 1: Harsh Training

Arondight: 9,676! 9,677! Nine thousand...six hundred, seventy-eight!

Arondight: Hm? What am I doing? Dieting...I mean, training.

Arondight: In such times of unrest, I cannot believe I would be scolded for honing my swordwork.

Arondight: I appreciate the sentiment, but I will not be taking any meals.

Arondight: I am already skinny enough? You are aware that is sexual harassment?

Arondight: Additionally, it would be power harassment from one in your standing. I wish to return to my training, if you do not mind.

Arondight: Again, I appreciate the sentiment. But a touch of fasting has yet to best me.

Arondight: To be blunt, such concern is unnecessary. Unwelcome, even.

Arondight: Are you finished? Can you leave now?

Arondight: I cannot focus on my training with you doting on me so.

With that, she turned away and went right back to her sword training.

The commander looked a bit concerned, but decided to set the tray of food down and leave.

Arondight: Worry not...about me.

Episode 2: Self-Restraint

Arondight: Thank you for the food. I was forced to partake, as I had heard the cook was growing worried.

Arondight: It was not due to your concern. Know that.

Arondight: You seem quite pleased. You are aware that I must train even harder tomorrow because of this?

"You're already so thin."

Arondight: There you are, with that sexual harassment again. You are more lecherous than one would think.

"Why do you want to get so skinny?"

Arondight: How can you be so uncouth as to ask a lady why she wishes to diet?

"I'd just like to know why."

Arondight: Is that an order? Again, that is power harassment. Do you realize this?

Arondight: That being said...

Arondight: ...I do suppose it is my duty to inform you why.

Arondight: However, I ask that you simply accept the fact that I cannot... Not until I achieve my goal.

Arondight: Staying up too late leads to obesity, so I must be off.

Arondight: Oh, was delicious. Though I suppose that is something I should tell the cook, not you.

She left, even though it looked like she had more she wanted to say. She also seemed a bit sad...

Episode 2: Faithful Heart

Arondight: You are quite the poor listener. Bringing me meals again...

Arondight: Is it your sole desire to stop my dieting at any cost?

Arondight: What's this? You had the cook prepare a special, slimming meal? Just for me?

Arondight: First myself, and now the cook. It seems your misuse of power knows no bounds.

Arondight: I just may have to report you to the institute for this.

"When're you going to stop dieting?"

Arondight: You need not look so concerned.

"How much weight do you want to lose?"

Arondight: I have no obligation to tell you something so specific.

"Well, you gotta eat something..."

Arondight: Very well. I will eat.

Arondight: *Ahem* I have something to report.

Arondight: The diet...has ended. I have achieved my goal.

Arondight: It was no easy task, with you pestering me every day to eat.

Arondight: I may finally tell you why I was dieting.

With that, she threw a dish into the air.

And in the blink of an eye, the dish was split perfectly in two, without so much as a crack in either half.

Arondight: The more I weigh, the less precise my blade is. Just a mite.

Arondight: I have finally reached my optimal weight.

Arondight: With my extra weight lost, my strikes are ever more deadly. I can protect everyone now.

Arondight: I believe I shall call this new skill "Faithful Heart."

Through days of rigorous training and strict dieting, she had discovered a new skill.

Arondight: Truth be told, it was...t-to better serve you. This is the best weight at which to do so.

Arondight: T-That is why I was dieting.

Arondight: Th-That is all. Report concluded!

Arondight: And just what weight am I now? No matter how casually you put it, you did just ask me how much I weigh. You are aware of that?

Arondight: The church has an attendant for round-the-clock reports. You are also aware of this?

Arondight: You must pay penance for your ill-mannered ways. Come now!

And with that, she forcefully dragged the commander away.

Her expression may have been stoic, but her eyes were brimming with confidence.

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