Aymur Chara Quest


Episode 1: A Girl Named Destruction

Aymur: Tag?

Aymur: Why are you always suggesting such childish things?

Seeing Aymur standing alone during a break between battles, the commander called out to her.

Aymur: We all know I don't like working on a team, but I have my reasons.

Aymur: Did you hear what I just said? Why are you trying to get me to play rock, paper, scissors to decide who's it?

Aymur: Listen closely, I do not need other people. Relying on others leads to the corruption and loss of self.

Aymur: Are you listening? I refuse to play rock, paper scissors. Put that rock away.

Aymur: I'm sorry, but...

Aymur: I don't believe that playing tag with everyone counts as training as you say, Commander.

Aymur: You say it will strengthen our teamwork?

Aymur: Hm...

Aymur: So... Are you ordering me to play tag?

Aymur: If it is an order, then I have no choice. I will do it.

Aymur: Well, then... O-One, two, three...shoot!

Aymur: ... So, I'm it?

Aymur: What's with that grin? Are you insinuating that when it is a game instead of a real fight, I won't do well?

Aymur: Challenge accepted. Okay everyone, you better run fast!

Aymur: Remember... My name is Aymur.

Aymur: And that name means "exterminator."

Aymur: I know tag is just a game, but that does not mean I will go easy on any of you. You will not get away!

With a shout, Aymur charged after the others like a battle tank, her face expressionless.

Aymur: I apologize in advance.

Aymur: I'm not good at capturing without killing. Please forgive me if I injure you.

The commander ran as fast as possible, worried about what would happen if she caught up.

Episode 2: Efficient Lifestyle

Aymur: Come back, Commander!

Realizing who her first target was, the commander ran even faster.

Aymur: You're not as agile as the Princesses and Princes.

Aymur: The exterminator Aymur has judged it best to go after the easiest prey first.

Aymur: Sorry, Commander, but I've got you now.

Aymur: What's that, Commander? Trying to distract me with conversation? Is that your lame attempt at escaping capture?

"Why do you prefer being alone?"

Aymur: I do not seek out others because I wish to rely on my own spirit.

"Don't you get lonely all by yourself?"

Aymur: Being alone does not make me lonely at all.

"Interacting with others can be fun!"

Aymur: I can do everything I need to myself. Therefore, I do not need anyone else.

Aymur: It's probably because of the Killium memories, but I do not want to lose any more battle companions.

Aymur: So, rather than get close to anyone... It's better to go alone. It's more efficient that way. That is how I feel.

Aymur: Anyway, that's enough talking. I'm going to capture you now.

Aymur touches the commander's back.

Aymur: Now you're it, Commander. So, I will run away as fast as I can.

Aymur: You probably think I am stubborn and pig-headed.

Aymur: But this is the only way I know how to live.

The forlorn look she gave before she ran off like a gust of wind tugged at the commander's heartstrings.

Episode 2: Vanguard

Aymur: Wh-Why are you after me?

The commander was now "it" and with aching sides continued to chase after Aymur.

Aymur: You'll never catch me. You should give up and chase someone else.

Aymur: What? You won't give up? Why not?

Aymur: You want to know the real reason I isolate myself?

Aymur: I told you the real reason. Things are more efficient when I'm alone.

Aymur: The real reason?

Aymur: The truth is...

Aymur: I don't want to hurt anyone... Or be hurt by them.

Aymur: When you become close with someone, you are bound to hurt each other eventually.

"Friends ease your suffering."

Aymur: Having friends causes pain...but it also heals pain...?

"When the pain heals, you're even closer."

Aymur: When you repair a relationship with another person, it makes that relationship stronger?

"Troubles make life more fun."

Aymur: You're saying worrying only about efficiency is boring?

Aymur: Other people lead to corruption and loss of self. But friends can make you stronger and ease your pain.

Aymur: I told you that I chose you as my target because it was the most efficient choice.

Aymur: But in truth, it was probably because I thought it would be fun.

Aymur: You are so stubborn. You never gave up on trying to connect with me. This time I've spent with you...has been fun.

Aymur: I think...from now on...I will try to approach people myself.

Aymur: I will do the same thing you have done for me.

Aymur: I think realizing this...has made me stronger.

Playing tag seemed to have awakened a new skill inside of her.

Aymur: I have acquired a new skill, "Vanguard."

Aymur: Thanks, thanks a lot. For making this connection with me.

Aymur: Heh, but, I am sorry. Just because you helped clear the clouds from my heart does not mean you will ever catch me.

Aymur: I'm off.

The commander stumbled while reaching out to tag her.

The commander's hand fell right onto Aymur's rump.


Aymur: !!! Aah!

Aymur: Commander! You say my butt is as soft as my heart? How rude!

Aymur: Are you trying to distract me from the fact that you just groped me?

Aymur: Come back, Commander! I'll make you pay for tarnishing my untarnished behind!

Aymur: I'll chop that dirty hand of yours right off your arm!

With a shout, Aymur charged after the commander like a battle tank.

However, her face was no longer expressionless. She looked like she was having fun.

Aymur: You cannot escape! I will chase you to the ends of the earth! I will catch you no matter what, Commander!

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