Balmung CharaQuest


Episode 1: Away from the Spotlight

Everyone had been extra energetic as of late.

That because a dance party to reward all their hard work was scheduled for next week

Balmung: Me?

Balmung: But... but... I don't think I...

Balmung: Everyone will be wearing fancy gowns, right? I can't do that!

Balmung: Why?

Balmung: I'm not pretty like the others. Besides...

Balmung: I've never liked being in the spotlight.

Balmung: It's hard to explain...

Balmung: Well for one thing... The name Dragonslayer is a heavy burden to bear.

Balmung: I'm just not confident enough.

Balmung: So, thank you for your invitation, but I can't go to the dance party.

Balmung always seemed to hide in the shadow of others.

Even though she was skilled with a sword and as pretty as any of them.

Balmung: I'm very sorry.

Those melancholy eyes of her tagged at the commander's heartstrings.

Episode 2: Self-Loathing

The day before the dance party.

Balmung was helping to get the party room ready.

Balmung: Phew...

When she stepped outside to take a break, the commander went over to talk to her.

Balmung: Oh, it's you.

Balmung: Yes, the others all asked me to come. So I agreed to help with the organizing.

Balmung: So you see, I'm just here to help out, that's all.

Balmung: I'd be much too embarrassed to put on a dress and dance in front of everyone.

"Why don't you have any confidence?"

Balmung: I don't know...I've just always been like this.

"I think you're pretty, Balmung."

Balmung: D-Don't tease me, please!

"You're always so kind and helpful."

Balmung: Because that's all I can do.

Balmung: Anyway...I've never had much confidence.

Balmung: I don't like being called a Dragonslayer just because of my Killium.

Balmung: And I don't like being compared to my twin, Gram.

Balmung: Gram is always so cheerful and energetic. She's really admirable. The exact opposite of me.

Balmung: I'm telling this to you in confidence, Commander. Please don't repeat it.

Balmung: I feel bad about it, but I always look at my sister with a mixture of admiration and jealousy.

Balmung: I'm such a gloomy, despicable person!

Balmung: I-I'm sorry! I've been rambling!

Balmung: Though, having you listen to me...

Balmung: Has made me feel a bit better.

Balmung: Oh, I'll be working at the dance party tomorrow, so I hope to see you there!

With that, she went back to work.

The faintest glimmer of excitement had appeared in her eyes.

The day of the dance party arrived.

Episode 2: Gorgeous Sword Dance

The dance hall was filled with Princesses in brightly colored dresses and Princes in suits, enjoying a respite from fighting.

Balmung: Oh, it's you. You came! Thank you, oh so much!

Balmung: My outfit?

Balmung: It's a waitress uniform. I'm working as a staff member tonight.

Balmung: I suppose it might be nice to try wearing a pretty gown like those sometime, but...

Balmung: No! I was just kidding. I don't really want to do that. A gown like that would never look good on me!

Balmung: Please enjoy yourself tonight.

As she returned to her work, the commander realized Balmung wasn't going to wear a gown tonight. But then...

Balmung: I-I'm sorry!

A tipsy guest started hassling Balmung.

Balmung: N-No, I can't, I'm working, so I can't have a drink. No...stop! *Gulp*

Oh, she ended up getting force-fed a drink.

Balmung: I-I know you're the guest, but please... I can't really hold my liquor. What? You want to dance?

Balmung: No, no, no, no! I absolutely couldn't. I don't like being in the spotlight. Oh! *Gulp*

Another drink down the hatch...

Balmung: Phew...I said no. I don't know how to dance. But if you're challenging me to a contest...

Though she was usually clam, in the heat of battle she hated losing to anyone. So if someone were to challenge her...

Balmung: I will accept your challenge!

Balmung: Take this!

Though she hated being the center of attention, the drinks had gone to her head and she went spinning out onto the dance floor.

Balmung: Whoooo!

The way she danced was reminiscent of a sword fight. It was fierce and beautiful.

Balmung: Hm? What's that? I think I realized something. A new skill!

Balmung: This is..."Gorgeous Sword Dance"!

It was at that moment she discovered a new skill.

Her gorgeous dance was met with a round of applause by all the Killer Princesses, Killer Princes, and party guests.

Balmung: O-Oh no, everyone's watching me!

"That was an amazing dance."

Balmung: Y-You really think so? I was just so focused on the moment, I don't remember what I did.

"You can feel confident about that dance."

Balmung: B-But...I don't see why everyone is applauding like that.

"See, being in the spotlight can be fun!"

Balmung: I've never had anyone cheer for me like this before.

Balmung: I-I'm really embarrassed, but...I'm glad I was able to make all these people happy.

Balmung: I guess I can make people smile. I never knew I was capable of that. That gives me just the tiniest bit...

Balmung: Of self-confidence!

Balmung: From now on I won't compare myself to others. I won't worry about people seeing me. I'll just...

Balmung: Do whatever I like!

Her smile just then was absolutely dazzling.

Balmung: I mean, yes, I gained some confidence. But it was really only a tiny bit. That is still out of the question!

The other Killer Princesses dragged her to the changing room.

Balmung: Th-This is so embarrassing!

Balmung: W-Well? What do you think, Commander? Does it suit me?

When she came back out in a gown, she was the most beautiful girl at the dance hall.

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