• Infinitysin

    Hey guys, this is inifinitysin,and I'm here to tell you some problems that I have seen in the game

    First, you need to know this game is called PHANTOM OF THE DEXTERITY PRINCESS

    which means for most of the units, dexterity is the best choice, for the other units dexterity is also the best choice, which means before you start to use the unit, check the unit first.

    And second only a few of the units could eventually upgrade to 6 stars, so do not use or even evolve the units which has no potential. I fould some of the players even limit broke, but i need to say only if a 5 star unit evolve to 6 star, it would keep the limit break. So only LIMIT BREAK WHEN THE UNIT EVOLVE TO 5 STAR


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  • Qwertyasdf007

    Hey guys,

    I'm qwertyasdf007 on this wiki and today I was trying to update the Phantom of the Brave page. I'm sorry to all of you who looked on this wiki and was confused by the Phantom of the Brave page as I was trying to edit it and hope that you won't hate me for screwing around. I finally corrected the format after an hour but I created two extra pages that I hope someone will delete.

    Pages for Deletion:

    Spark Missions

    Burst Missions

    Sorry about this and I hope you won't ban me from this wikia! (although I understand if you do)



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  • Pipefoxes


    I've been wondering if maybe there would be interest in some sort of discussion about this. Since I have a habit of rambling, I'll try to throw bullets instead... might sound weirder that way, but it'll be long enough w/o my usual language. (It's so much, I'm sorry, please don't think badly of me. orz) Some of these are obviously not as dire as others.

    Dunno how often people check the forum, so blog post it is. Can move this there if the need arises ofc.

    About units and their pages:

    I believe it would make sense to name pages like in the in-game archive. Example: Instead of Masamune: Blade, something like 001 Masamune. Maybe some sort of redirection from the corresponding classes, and/or distinguishing pages for the name itself. (As in, one Mas…

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  • Snowviet


    May 28, 2016 by Snowviet

    So I am beginning to make a Datasheet of XP rates. Might track other things, but this is enough for me.

    I have to make sure to avoid shiny squares for this to be accurate.

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