Episode 1: The Benefits of a Hobby

Late at night, in the Killer Princes' encampment.

Dagda: ...What is it my lord? Are you having trouble sleeping?

Dagda: Hmph. Thank you for your concern, but as the commander of this party, you should get rest when you can.

Dagda: A well-rested commander is better for the party, too. Isn't that Leadership 101?

Dagda: Bah. Sorry about that. I'm an old guy who can't help but give unsolicited advice. Don't mind me. Pretend you didn't hear it.

The Killer Prince Dagda plays a central role in the party.

Although he's a terror on the battlefield, he also fulfills his role as dependable assistant to his new commander.

Dagda: At any rate, get some sleep tonight, or you'll be feeling it tomorrow.

Following this advice, the commander goes back to sleep.

The next morning...

Dagda: Ah, my lord, you're up early. Very commendable.

Dagda: This? Well...this is just a little garden, I guess you'd call it. I'm growing vegetables. Doesn't hurt to be self-sufficient.

Dagda: This will take a lot of work come summertime, though...

Dagda: HMPH!

Dagda smashes a small bug between his thumb and forefinger.

Dagda: I have to look out for all the bugs

Dagda: Not to mention the water. If I give them too much, they'll rot. It's unbelievable, just how much I have to know.

The commander realizes that this is the perfect hobby for a busybody like Dagda.

Dagda: Still...

Dagda: Even if I just leave them to rot, the shoots will still sprout up like crazy.

Dagda: In other words, I don't really have to worry about a thing...

Dagda's expression is somewhat melancholy. In a reversal of the usual situation, the commander asks Dagda what's the matter.

Episode 2: Path for a Young Person

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