EQ Trishula Trident 10

AP: 10

EXP: 120

Zenny: 3,340

Bonus: 1 Lazuli


  • Lazuli: 1 = Clear w/only Axe class units, including helper.
  • Mana Point: 1,000 = Clear w/up to 3 units, including helper.
  • Zenny: 15,000 = Clear w/o any KOs.


Before Stage Start

Brahmastra: Oh, it's you, Parashu.

Parashu: Brahmastra? Why are you here?

Trishula: Shut up you two, you're both late!

Brahmastra: And that surly voice must be Trishula. Which means...

Parashu: We each possess a Killium of the Great Trinity. You must have assembled us for a reason. What are you scheming?

Trishula: Exactly! We're the Trimurti, the Great Trinity! And it's time we showed our might!

Brahmastra: ...

Parashu: Not on your life.

Trishula: Now don't look at me like that!

Trishula: I'll show everyone why I'm called the Destroyer!

Before Boss Battle

Parashu: Is that all? I was planning on shopping today, you know...

Trishula: That's enough outta you!

Brahmastra: I could've been meditating right now, and you made me put that off for this?

Trishula: This is why nobody respects the Trimurti like they oughta!

Brahmastra: Great Trinity or not, that doesn't mean much in this world, does it?

Trishula: See? See?! That's exactly the kind of crap I'm talking about! It's all your fault, you know!

Parashu: ??

Trishula: Enough talk! Let's kick things off right here!

After Stage Clear

Trishula: Dammit, you're pretty tough. No wonder you're part of the Great Trinity.

Brahmastra: Just come out and say it. You're Shiva's Killium, you just want an excuse to break things, right?

Parashu: Trishula. You must have heard about the Divine Duo. This is why you are acting this way, is it not?

Trishula: Err...yeah, yeah I did! So what?

Trishula: I thought the Great Trinity had finally come together! What's this talk about a Divine Duo?!

Trishula: Whatever happened to the Trimurti?!

Brahmastra: Wow... A stupid thing like that's got you this heated?

Trishula: Whaddya mean, stupid?!

Trishula: You're my rival! If people treat you like some weak has-been, how do you think they'd treat me?

Parashu: So you chose to prove your honor and beating her?

Trishula: Hmph!

Parashu: This is too asinine for words. However... This may be the most thought you have ever placed into your actions.

Trishula: And just whaddya mean by that?!

Parashu: In short, you are finally thinking of others.

Brahmastra: Dear me... I never expected all brawn, no brain Trishula to worry about stuff like that.

Parashu: The avatar of Shiva is always a nuisance. No matter the time, and no matter her age.

Trishula: Grr, don't think I'm gonna let you get away with saying that! Both of you!

Brahmastra: Yeah, uh huh. Say, Parashu. Wanna go down to the river? We can take Pinaka with us!

Parashu: Great idea! Let us be off!

Trishula: Hmph, whatever.

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