EQ YnK Mirror 10

AP: 8

EXP: 120

Zenny: 3,665

Item Drop: 3* Yata no Kagami: Armored Mage

Bonus: 1 Lazuli


  • Lazuli: 1 = Clear w/only Gun class units, including helper.
  • Mana Point: 1,000 = Clear w/up to 3 units, including helper.
  • Zenny: 15,000 = Clear w/o any KOs.


Before stage start

Kusanagi: What is Yata thinking, calling us out here with no explanation? Hey, are you listening to me?

Amenonuhoko: Oh, yes...I wonder. Maybe she came up with a new prank?

Yata no Kagami: Hey guys, thanks for coming!

Kusanagi: Why did you call me here? Explain!

Yata no Kagami: I've decided to test you personally to see if you are fit to be my friend.

Kusanagi: What?

Amenonuhoko: Huh? What?

Before boss battle

Kusanagi: What's wrong with you? Turning your sword on an ally? As a Sacred Treasure, you should be ashamed of yourself!

Yata no Kagami: Well then...

Kusanagi: What?

Amenonuhoko: What has gotten into you, Yata? Your pranks aren't usually this uncouth.

Yata no Kagami: Being a Sacred Treasure has nothing to do with it! No arguing!

After Stage

Amenonuhoko: So, Yata... Did you do this for me?

Kusanagi: Yeah, I bet. This is so stupid.

Yata no Kagami: We're tied together as the Sacred Treasures, but that's not enough!

Kusanagi: Whether we're in a group or not, Amenonuhoko is still a Sacred Treasure. Don't you understand that?

Yata no Kagami: I do understand it! I just hate always being lumped together as the Three Sacred Treasures!

Yata no Kagami: Can't we be friends just because we're friends, not because we're the Three Sacred Treasures

Amenonuhoko: Of course we can. I never thought we weren't.

Kusanagi: So now you want to create a new group of three by choosing the strongest among us?

Kusanagi: In the end, you'll still be haunted by that title.

Yata no Kagami: Uh...

Kusanagi: Besides, no one ever means anything bad when they ask, "Where's the other one of the Three Sacred Treasures?"

Amenonuhoko: That's right. They're only ever worried about you because they know you get lonely, Yata.

Yata no Kagami: Hm?

Yata no Kagami: What have I been doing...?

Kusanagi: You're always causing trouble.

Kusanagi: But everyone considers you the One and Only Prankster.

Amenonuhoko: Yata... Let's have a nice cup of tea together.

Yata no Kagami: Uhh... *Sniff*

Yata no Kagami: I love you guys!

Kusanagi: Oh boy.

Amenonuhoko: Heehee...

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