Freikugel(Holiday ver.) Chara Quest


Episode 1: Present

Freikugel: Incredible! Everything's so bright, the whole town is lit up!

Freikugel: What a wonderful, romantic nacht this is!

Freikugel: Everyone should be enjoying this uber magnificent and special time of year!

Freikugel: Not just in our party, but in town!

Freikugel: Dressed like this, I suppose I've no choice but to be a Santa!

Freikugel: I'll have to give every kid in town a present!

She shouted, skipping very fast to find presents to hand out.

Episode 2: No Money!

Freikugel: Nein, nein, nein! Why?!

Freikugel: I'd been saving and saving, but only have 10,000 Zenny...

Freikugel: I could never buy enough presents for everyone in town!

Freikugel: There must be some way to give presents without using my money...

Freikugel: I suppose I could sew something.

Freikugel: Oh, nein, but I still wouldn't have enough money to buy cloth, or time to sew!

Freikugel: Maybe a gift exchange? ...Oh, nein, I still wouldn't have enough gifts to give!

Freikugel: Fine, I guess we'll just have to get gold by going on an enemy-slaying blitz!

"Wouldn't that take even more time?"

Freikugel: Yes, you're right! What should I do?!

"Well, gold bundles are pretty rare."

Freikugel: How can you be so calm, Kommandant?!

"How many enemies will it take?"

Freikugel: I don't knoooow!!

Freikugel: I know it's impossible, I know that!

Freikugel: Whatever will I do?! Waaaaaah!

Not being able to get any presents ready was too much for her. She finally broke down and cried.

Episode 2: Holiday Cheer

Freikugel: *Sniff* I can't make anyone happy this winter...

Freikugel: Being a bit stronger than regular girls, beating's all meaningless then.

Freikugel: What? You're saying being Santa isn't just about giving kitschy gifts?

Freikugel: Then *sniffle* what should I give? Tell me.

"Dreams, and hope."

Freikugel: A dream? And hope?

"The gift of laughter."

Freikugel: Give the gift of laughter?

"Lighten the mood, like you always do."

Freikugel: Bring joy and cheer?

Freikugel: ...I've got it!

Freikugel: I have finally found something I can give!

Freikugel: Happy holidays!!!

Freikugel: Whoa! Look, look!

Freikugel: Everyone, from kids to their parents, they've all got such wonderful smiles on their faces!

Freikugel: It makes me so happy to see them happy! Okay then, more magnificent fireworks, coming up!

Freikugel: I finally did it! I'm acting like a real Santa should! Happy holidays!

Freikugel: Whoa! Look, look!

Freikugel: This miraculous, magnifique skill, I think I'll call it "Holiday Cheer"!

Freikugel: Now to make everyone happier!

Freikugel: Everyone, achtung!

She was in, even higher spirits, as she kept shooting her magic bullets across the sky.

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