Global Enemy Archive
# Illustration Classes
001 WingedEldritch001 Winged Knight
002 KnightEldritch002 Sword Knight, Lance Knight
003 KnightEldritch003 Lord Knight, Paladin
004 ArmoredEldritch004 Armored Hacker, Armored Lancer
005 ArmoredEldritch005 Baron, General
006 SoldierEldritch006 Myrmidon, Fighter, Soldier, Archer
007 SoldierEldritch007 Swordmaster, Warrior, Brave Lancer, Jaeger
008 WingedEldritch008 Winged Knight
009 MageEldritch009 Priest
010 MageEldritch010 Bishop
012 DragoonEldritch012 Dragoon
013 DragoonEldritch013 Arc Dragoon
014 Minotaur014 Myrmidon, Fighter, Soldier, Archer
015 MetalMaiden015 Armored Mage
016 MetalMaiden016 Mailed Sage
017 SuperMetalMaiden017 Mailed Sage
018 SorcererCrowell018 Priest
020 ChariotEldritch020 Sword Knight, Bow Knight
022 MetalGod022 Mailed Sage
023 Aquadiablo Bishop
024 Skeleton024 Soldier, Archer, Myrmidon, Fighter
025 OgreSkeleton025 Soldier, Archer, Myrmidon, Fighter
026 Witch026 Priest
027 Bicorn027 Fighter
028 FlyingDevil028 Winged Knight
029 Golem Armored Hacker
031 Belphegor031 Priest
033 (Pumpkin


Icon here)

Myrmidon, Fighter, Soldier, Archer
036 Dessert Witch Gun Sage
037 Walpurgisnacht Bishop
038 Metal Firemaiden Mailed Sage
039 Metal Icemaiden Mailed Sage
040 Metal Boltmaiden Mailed Sage
041 Metal Windmaiden Mailed Sage
042 Metal Lightmaiden Mailed Sage
043 Metal Darkmaiden Mailed Sage

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