Gram(Holiday ver.) Chara Quest


Episode 1: Can't Forget About It

December 24th.

*Roar!* The sound of a dragon can be heard from outside.

Gram: I'm hoooome!

Gram: I handed out presents to the children of the town!

Gram: Of course, unlike Santa Claus, I ride a dragon instead of a reindeer.

Gram was in charge of handing out presents and buying the cake.

Gram: All right then, my work is done. That means it's...

Gram: ...cake time!

Gram: Tis the season to eat cake!

Gram: I bet the whole party is waiting anxiously for my return, hehe!

Gram: Now let's see, the cake is...

Gram: Huh? Where is it? I must have forgotten to get it out of the...

She goes out and...

Gram: Eeek!

...screams loudly! The commander runs out in a panic to see what's the matter. Could it be Eldritch?!

Gram: *Sob*

Gram is as pale as a corpse. The commander asks what's wrong.

Gram: Look at that...

She points at her dragon.

Gram: My baby ate it all...all of the cake...

Gram: We girls love cake more than anything! This is a disaster!

Gram: Ahh... What'll I tell the others?

Gram: The holidays are ruined...

Dragon: ...

Seeing how dejected Gram looks, the dragon flies away in embarrassment and shame.

The commander tells her to forget about it.

Gram: ...Forget about it? Commander, I...

Gram: I can't just forget about this! I'm Gram the Dragonslayer, remember?!

The commander then asks her worriedly what she plans on doing.

Episode 2: Gram's Cooking Class

Gram's dragon ate her cake.

The commander asks Gram what she plans on doing, if she can't just forget about it.

Gram: Even if I go back to the town, all the shops will be closed. So there's really just one option...

Gram: The only option is to make a cake!

"Wait until tomorrow, then go buy another one?"

Gram: We can't wait that long!

"You're good at making cakes too, so just make your own, right?"

Gram: Doesn't matter if I'm good at it or not...I have no other choice!

"We've got chicken, right?"

Gram: A chicken is not a cake!

Gram: A cake is a girl's lifeline. Once a girl decides that today she'll eat cake...she has to eat it today!

Gram: This is the "Way of the Cake." It's both a philosophy and a way of life.

The commander has no idea what Gram's talking about, but can tell that she's unlikely to give it a rest as she is stubborn.

Gram: I'm not "stubborn." I have a "positive outlook." Get it right!

The other Princesses in the party show up and ask what's wrong.

Gram: ...The c-cake?! Oh, it's fine, I'll go get it right away!

The commander asks Gram why she doesn't just make the cake with the other Princesses.

Gram: No, no, no! I'm the one who let this happen to the cake I bought, so I'm the one who has to make this right!

Gram: What are you so worried about, Commander? Trust my skills...

Gram: Here I go!

Saying this, Gram gets right to it by pouring out a bunch of flour.

Gram: I may not be a great cook, but I won't give up! Never!

The commander watches silently, wondering whether her stubbornness will save or ruin the day.

Episode 2: Caress of the Dragon

Gram: I won't give up! Never!

Gram is full of bluster and confidence, but...

Gram: Oh no! The sugar!

Gram: Oops! The eggs!

Gram: Whoops! Forgot the vanilla beans!

...she only makes a huge mess. Then, finally...

Gram: What should I do...? I keep ruining it all, and we're almost out of ingredients...

"Why not just come clean to everyone?"

Gram: I can't do that...

"You can't lie. They'll figure it out either way."

Gram: You may be right, but...

"Don't you trust everyone?"

Gram: Oh, that's not it...

Gram: I mean...I remember from my time as a weapon that I lost the ability to trust people at one point, yes...

Gram: But I'm not like that now! I trust my friends from the bottom of my heart! I love them all...

Gram: I want to make them happy! I want to see them smile!

Gram: But...I can't...I guess?

She starts giving up, but at that moment...

...the other Princesses appear, asking Gram what she's doing!

Gram: ...Uh? This? Oh, um... It's dragon ate our cake...

Gram: I didn't want to disappoint you all, so I'm trying to make another one...but...

Gram: I'm sorry I lied to you and told you the cake was okay!

Gram bows her head in shame...

Gram: ...What? You forgive me?!

The Princesses answer that it'd be faster if they all work together, and besides, it'd be more fun, too!

Gram: Thanks... Thanks...everyone!

They all start making the cake together.

Gram: What is this feeling of belonging...? It's so much fun...and it's filling me with energy!

Gram: Everyone's feelings have given me new strength!

Gram: And I think I can transform that strength into a new skill! I'll call it "Caress of the Dragon"!

It was at that moment she discovered a new skill.

Gram: It's done!

Gram: It's not very big, but we made this cake together!

Gram: Dig in, everyone!

The instant Gram tries to take a bite, the sound of a dragon roaring can be heard from outside.

Gram: Oh, now you're home! Some timing! You know, you're to blame for this whole mess in the first place...

Gram: Huh?

The dragon is carrying a cake in a box.

Gram: You felt guilty, and brought back a cake from the children in town? Wow...thanks!

Her eyes glisten with tears of joy.

Gram: All ight, back to the party! Happy holidays, everyone!

Gram takes a huge bite of cake, with a look of joy on her face.

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