Levelling is an important aspect of the game as it decides your stats and affects parameters such as crit rate and accuracy. This page aims to provide a range of ways to level up your units faster from levels 1-50. Please note this page is not final and is only used to give you, the reader some inspiration if you know any other places for grinding please leave a comment.

Metal garden/Metal god

First and foremost best place to level up new units but limits on number of entries and such seriously slow down levelling of units after 50 unless there's 2x exp for the map. Just use any 5 units you wish to level however make sure they are at least over level 10 to prevent KOs or get a helper who can survive the map. Does using 1 unit and getting mvp give more total xp than using a party?. Good for all levels.


MVP does not apply in colosseum so all units get roughly the same amount of xp however if a unit loses the battle they will get less xp than winning, good for lvls 30 onwards given your against weaker opponents to prevent losses. Levelling is slow and xp is only given 5 times a day but its something you just do so might as well get xp out of it. However during events when Colosseum gives xp 10 times a day and double xp it's reccomended to use units which can win in colosseum but still require levels e.g. max limit broken lv80 units cannot gain any xp.

Lessons from a Goddess

Outside of metal garden this a high exp and AP method but if you have too much AP why not? To grind on the lessons from a goddess map you need to have only a single unit in a party and go to finish the final map (Lesson 7, 8 AP cost). Doing this yields 603 xp for soloing and if you use a helper unit, the xp will depend on how many enemies you kill (I think it does, not tested), around 400+ xp if you don't get KO. Using a helper unit is reccomended if you wish to level a unit starting from level 1 as the enemies are roughly lv13. This method is good for levels 1-50 and you can leave it on auto battle if you use a high level helper. Given you have the AP this can be done as many times as you want. Unfortunately this method you can only level one unit at a time.

Kill Mode

- Still testing (probably only possible for section 1 of the story but we'll see)


- Still testing

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