HP Treat 10

AP: 15

EXP: 500

Zenny: 6,700

Item Drop:

Bonus: Standard Ticket


Before Stage Start

Bashosen: Is that it? That one?!

Gambanteinn: It's the same one I saw earlier...

Mjolnir: That's the one I saw, too!

Bashosen: It does seem to be carrying a bunch of candy...

Gambanteinn: Looks tasty!

Mjolnir: I wanna try some!

Bashosen: Wait a second!

Bashosen: I'll take care of it right now! None of you will get the credit, but I'll give you the candy, okay?!

Gambanteinn: Whoa. Good luck...

After Stage Clear

Bashosen: Here you go, as promised. The candy. You earned it!

Mjolnir: Thanks for the candy!

Gambanteinn: Hooray!

Mjolnir: I'll go pass out the rest of the candy!

Bashosen: Have fun and be careful.

Gambanteinn: Later!

Mjolnir: All righty! See ya!

Bashosen: She blows in like a raging storm, and disappears again just as suddenly. What a bizarre Halloween this is turning out to be.

Bashosen: But you know, Gambanteinn...

Bashosen: We wouldn't have been able to beat that Eldritch without your hard work.

Bashosen: So thanks.

Gambanteinn: I was working hard?

Bashosen? That's right. And it's thanks to your hard work that I scored this candy. Here, you earned it.

Gambanteinn: Woohoo! I'll have to remember to work even harder next time...

Bashosen: That's the spirit! Good attitude! The fighting ain't over yet!

Gambanteinn: Um, okay, so...what do you guys feel like fighting next?

Bashosen: Take this seriously now!

Gambanteinn: Huh?

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