HP Trick 1

AP: 2

EXP: 50

Zenny: 25

Item Drop:


Before Stage Start

Gambanteinn: Huh? What the...?

Gambanteinn: This town is full of weirdly dressed people...

Gambanteinn: Oh, today must be Halloween!

Gambanteinn: Huh? That person's dressed like an Eldritch...

Bashosen: Hey, if it isn't Gambanteinn!

Bashosen: Spacing out as always, I see.

Bashosen: Have you seen an Eldritch around this area?

Bashosen: Can you believe this? It's actually running around in a Halloween costume, apparently.

Gambanteinn: Huh... What a weird Eldritch.

Bashosen: So you haven't seen it?

Gambanteinn: Hmm, I may have just seen it...

Bashosen: What? Why didn't you say anything?!

Gambanteinn: Why did you grab my hand all of a sudden like that?

Bashosen: Never mind that! Let's go find that Eldritch! Show me where it went!

Bashosen: That way I'll get all the credit!

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