HP Trick 10

AP: 10

EXP: 330

Zenny: 1,455

Item Drop:

Bonus: Standard Ticket


Before Stage Start

Gambanteinn: I don't see any costumed Eldritch around here, either...

Bashosen: You need to look harder! It might actually be here!

Gambanteinn: Hmm... Look harder? I'm already looking hard...

Bashosen: Man, you sure like to do things at your own pace!

Bashosen: Anyway, let's clear out these small fry real quick!

Gambanteinn: Go for it!

Bashosen: You fight, too!!!

After Stage Clear

Mjolnir: Heyahs! Mjolnir is here to save the day!

Bashosen: Huh? Where'd you come from all of a sudden?!

Bashosen: You want credit for wiping out these Eldritch, too?

Mjolnir: Credit? Mjolnir cares not for such things!

Mjolnir: I was getting candy from all sorts of people just now, when I spotted an Eldritch!

Mjolnir: It gave me a delicious piece of candy!

Bashosen: Wait. The Eldritch gave you candy? How's that possible?

Mjolnir: I'm telling you, it was delicious...

Bashosen: Are you sure it wasn't someone else?

Mjolnir: Well, either way, we should double-check just to be sure. It's around this area...

Bashosen: Hurry up and show us!

Bashosen: I'll get the credit for defeating it!

Gambanteinn: Wait...

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