Kusanagi Chara Quest


Episode 1: Tea Party Time!

Kusanagi: Okay, looks like everyone is here.

Kusanagi: Now that I've joined this unit, you can all relax.

Kusanagi: As successor to the power of the divine sword, one of three sacred treasures, I will save everyone from the Eldritch.

Kusanagi: Now then, do you all understand what that means?

Kusanagi: In celebration of my arrival, we will have a big tea party!

Kusanagi: No talking back! Get on with the preparations immediately!

Kusanagi: Did I just hear someone say I was acting "all important" for someone "so small"? You are correct! I am very important!

Kusanagi: Oh, Commander.

Kusanagi: You need not do anything, I know you're hopeless when it comes to things like this. Just stay out of the way.

Kusanagi: The way you do nothing, and let everyone come to your rescue reminds me of a puppet ruler.

Kusanagi: Hey! You there! You call those decorations? They need to be much fancier!

Kusanagi: Hey! Temis, or whatever your name is! What do you think you're cooking? I hate fish and vegetables!

Kusanagi: I want pastries! Make some pastries!

And so, Kusanagi began organizing her party just the way she wanted it.

Kusanagi: What? There are no pastries? Then get some fruit! We must go find some fruit!

She continued to do whatever she liked, leaving the commander bewildered.

Episode 2: I'm Not Scared!

Kusanagi: I can't believe this! Out of the goodness of my heart, I offered to lead a party to look for fruit.

Kusanagi: Why was the commander the only one willing to join me? I don't get it.

Kusanagi: I know you're not very strong. Try not to hold me back.

Kusanagi: You want to know why I offered to go? Well...

Kusanagi: Because it wouldn't be fair to make the others do everything!

Kusanagi: Still...

Kusanagi: It's starting to get dark. Are you okay?

Kusanagi: Wh-What are you suggesting? I'm not scared! Not one bit!

Kusanagi: As successor to the power of the divine sword, one of three sacred treasures, I fear nothing.

Kusanagi: Eek! A lake! I-I don't like water!

Kusanagi: I almost drowned once. Ever since then I don't like being around water.

Kusanagi: S-So, yeah... We don't need to get any closer, do we?

"You're much sweeter than you appear."

Kusanagi: S-Sweet? Me? Do not treat me like a child!

"Hah, you're afraid of the dark?"

Kusanagi: Wh-What? Are you calling me a baby?

"Ah, so you can't swim, Kusanagi?"

Kusanagi: I said I don't like water. I never said I can't swim! Well, I can't, but that's beside the point!

Kusanagi: How dare you make fun of me! You know nothing about me!

Kusanagi: I don't need your help anyway! You're just a thick-headed dolt!

Furious, Kusanagi ignored the commander's order to stop and ran deeper into the forest alone.

Episode 2: Rapid Reinforcements

Kusanagi: How foolish. The commander doesn't understand how amazing I am.

Kusanagi: Who do you think led us to victory against the Eldritch this afternoon? If it wasn't for me, they'd all be... Hm?

Kusanagi: That's strange. I thought this was the way back. Huh?

Kusanagi: Wh-What's this? What's happening? Could I lost?!

Kusanagi: Eep! Oh, that was just a bird. Uh... Wh-Who's there? Guess it was just my imagination.

Kusanagi: I don't care who it is, someone needs to come rescue me!

The sun sank beneath the trees and the forest was steeped in darkness.

Kusanagi: Uh... I'm sorry!

Kusanagi: I won't act like I'm more important than everyone anymore. Someone, please come for me!

Kusanagi: Everyone was being so nice to me. I just got a little carried away.

Kusanagi: I actually really like everyone. I shouldn't have been so selfish.

Kusanagi: I'm sorry for that! I'll be good from now on, I promise! So, someone please help!!

Kusanagi: !!!

"I've been looking all over for you!"

Kusanagi: C-Commander! T-Took you long enough!

"The whole party is looking for you."

Kusanagi: Th-They all came to look for me? Then you should have found me sooner!

"Can't take my eyes off of you, can I?"

Kusanagi: C-Commander! T-Took you long enough!

Kusanagi: U-Um! E-Everyone came looking for me?

Kusanagi: You should have found me sooner... Should've come...sooner...

Kusanagi: But...thank you...for coming...

Kusanagi: Wahhhhhh!

She acted haughty, but the members of the part could all see that she was not a bad girl at heart.

Kusanagi: Everyone... Thank you... For coming for me.

Kusanagi actually thanked them.

It was at that moment she discovered a new skill.

Kusanagi: A new skill? "Rapid Reinforcements"! That's what I'll name it!

Kusanagi: C, Commander... You got everyone together to come for me, didn't you?

Kusanagi: I know I said you weren't trustworthy, but you've earned my trust now.

Kusanagi: You are a great commander!

Her eyes brimming with tears, Kusanagi ran up and gave the commander a big hug.

Kusanagi: Maybe you could be even more than my commander? If you want...

Kusanagi smiled shyly, her cheeks turning pink.

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