Lakefront 10

AP: 7

EXP: 310

Zenny: 3,687

Item Drop: 3★ Artemis(Swimsuit ver.): Archer

Bonus: 1 Lazuli


Lakefront Demon 10: Before Stage Start

Longinus: Commander! It’s Artemis! She’s been—

Artemis: Commander… I’m sorry… Everyone, stay back…

When Longinus found Artemis, she had been captured by the new type of Eldritch...the Aqua Diablo.

Laevateinn: Ah…it got her…

Longinus: Artemis has been kidnapped...why?! We have to rescue her right now!

Laevateinn: Maybe she would’ve won the fight if she hadn’t been wearing her swimsuit?

Longinus: Now’s not the time to be saying such things!

Longinus: Commander, we need to help her right away!

Laevateinn: Yeah… I guess we do…

Lakefront Demon 10: After Stage Clear

Artemis: Commander, everyone… I’m sorry…

Longinus: What a relief. Artemis is safe…

Laevateinn: …Hey. How did it get you?

Artemis: Um… Well…

Artemis: My swimsuit slipped…

Laevateinn: Hmph. Called it.

Artemis: I’m really sorry…

Longinus: Coulda happened to anyone! Right, Commander?!

Laevateinn: Heh, fine… But you owe us one. Treat us to some ice cream on the way home, and all will be forgiven.

Longinus: Laevateinn!

Laevateinn: Uh…Longinus doesn’t need any. So you can give me her ice cream, too.

Longinus: Wait, what?!  That’s not what I was gonna say!

Artemis: All you need is some ice cream to forgive me? You sure are nice, Laevateinn…

Laevateinn: Huh? Are you nuts…?

Having successfully rescued Artemis from the Aqua Diablo, the head group of selected Killer Princesses…

…enjoyed the ice cream Artemis bought them as if vacationing at a waterfront resort.

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