Longinus CharaQuest


Episode 1: My Sides

Longinus: May this day be a wondrous one...

Longinus: May all living creatures find joy...

Longinus: May sorrow and tears disappear from this world...

Longinus: This, my only desire, I deliver to the heavens...

Longinus: This,, my onl-heehee hahaha! No, my sides!

Longinus: Now stop that! I'm trying to say my prayers!

Longinus: I'm not hiding from you, merely defending myself.

Longinus: Under this arboreal aegis, may I be defended from wicked tickle monsters.

Longinus: Now stay back! Shame on you for preying on my sides, my only weakness!

Longinus: I'll be keeping my distance now!

With misty eyes, she glared from behind a tree some distance away.

It seemed the harmless trick played on her during her daily prayer was anything but.

Episode 2: Weak Point

Longinus: I understand, and may even forgive you.

Longinus: But why do such a vile thing if you're so sorry about it?

Longinus: Didn't your mother teach you not to... *sniffle* touch girls without permission?

Longinus: And you didn't just touch me, you had to tickle my weak point.

Longinus: Waaaaahhh!

She finally broke down and cried.

Sorry to make you cry

Longinus: Fine, but picking on people is just wrong.

Was it that bad?

Longinus: You hit my weak spot, and it just made me remember...

Why're you crying?

Longinus: It's because of something that happened long, long ago...

Longinus: I'm sorry for being so emotional, it just reminded me of something very sad.

With that, she began talking about her past.

Episode 2: Weak Point Strike

Longinus: In a time long past, when I was still a spear used for executions...

Longinus: Those I punished suffered long, and so needlessly.

Longinus: So I offer my prayers every day, as it's the least I can do now.

Longinus: I pray I may never cause others to suffer again. Even enemies, or the Eldritch.

Longinus: But Killer Princes and Princesses must fight, it is their destiny.

Longinus: So my wishes may be in vain...

Not if you make it quick

Longinus: If their suffering can be ended quickly... You may be right.

Not if the battle is short

Longinus: Then their pain would be brief, too.

You can focus everything in one strike

Longinus: An instant kill... Yes...

Longinus: If the only mercy I may grant is to hit their weak point...

Longinus: That could be of great help in battle!

Longinus: I will call this skill the "Weak Point Strike"!

And so, Longinus discovered a new attack skill.

Longinus: Sorry for worrying you, but I'm fine now!

Longinus: Thank you. *Sniff* You're just so, kind, *sniffle* it's, it's... Waaaaahhh!

She really loved a good cry. But she seemed much stronger now for it.

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