Masamune CharaQuest


Episode 1: Cooking Duty

Masamune: Verily, I am the one in charge of cooking this evening.

Masamune: But pray, do not expect too much. I am best with a sword, not a kitchen knife.

Masamune: Hmm... This is quite a vexing task.

Masamune: What is the matter, my Liege? You have been watching me for some time now.

Masamune (thought bubble): I had thought cooking would give relief from battle, but even here I struggle...

Masamune: T-Trouble yourself not, my Liege! Please, be seated for the coming feast!

Masamune: The one who trained me was an expert on the battlefield and in the kitchen!

Masamune: I have honed my skills to follow their example... Like so!

Masamune: Now I have senses keen enough to spot where to cut, and how. There!

Masamune: Fine mincing for thinner, tastier slices! Chop evenly for perfect portions!

Masamune: See?! Trouble yourself not, I can handle anything, it shall all be fine!

Though she tried to seem confident, Masamune's boasting sounded a bit forced.

Episode 2: The Essence of Food

Masamune: Slicing and chopping are arts well known, but there are other methods as well.

Masamune: Like halving! Quartering! Round, fanned, triangular, and Julienne slices!

Masamune: And for fish, my finesse in filleting means I can make as many fillets as I may need!

Masamune: Ah, but I mustn't prattle so, it leaves my hands idle.

Masamune: I am not acting like myself? Whatever do you mean?

"What's bothering you?"

Masamune: Wh-What? Whatever possessed you to ask that?

"You today."

Masamune: I-I'm fine, perfectly fine!

"There's food everywhere."

Masamune: You think I am misapplying my force?

Masamune (thought bubble): You see right through me. To have failed so...I must train harder, ever harder!

Masamune: What? No, my Liege! I could never trouble you with my paltry concerns!

Masamune: You ask not as my lord, but as a friend?

Masamune: ...Well, to speak the truth...

With that, Masamune finally opened up.

Episode 2: Thousand Slash

Masamune: As of late, my strikes have oft missed their mark.

Masamune: Not only do I struggle to keep pace with others, but am oft covered for instead.

Masamune: It was not always so. I used to be the one leading the charge on the front lines!

Masamune: But now...

Masamune: I sought relief in cooking, but to no avail. It was no use, I am no use.

"Just relax."

Masamune: Relax? Now that you mention it, I could be overexerting myself.

"You've just lost focus."

Masamune: I have lost my focus? I suppose an even hand would better wield a blade.

"Stop worrying, cooking should be fun!"

Masamune: Fun? Yes, fun! That would chase away my idle thoughts!

Masamune: Do not lose sight of yourself, Masamune! Be more calm, more natural.

Masamune: Cut along the grain, that is all you need to do. Yes, that is all!

Masamune: Yes, yes! It is almost like the vegetables are cutting themselves!

Masamune: Who knew such secrets lay beyond a tranquil blade?

Masamune: I shall name this secret skill the "Thousand Slash"!

Masamune has discovered a new sword skill through cooking.

Masamune: I had become so concerned with trifles light as air.

Masamune: Surely this was born of vanity. Being too sure of my strength dulled my skill.

Masamune: Keeping a limber heart is what matters, calm as clouds drifting across the sky!

Masamune: My Liege...No, my friend. I hope this meal conveys the gratitude words could not.

Masamune: There is plenty enough food here, so please take your fill! Bon appetit!

There were many dishes, all seasoned lightly. Meaning it was a little bland...

Masamune: I told you not to expect too much, did I not?

Masamune was beaming proudly, even if her cooking was a bit iffy.

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