PotB Spark 10

AP: 8

EXP: 100

Zenny: 575

Item Drop: 3★ Selena: Myrmidon


Before Stage Start

???: Vargas, wait!

Vargas: Oh, it's just you. Don't scare me like that!

Selena: I've taken care of all the enemies over there.

Selena: There are many of these strange creatures about...

Vargas: Yeah, there are. They're all pushovers, though!

Selena: Well, well...

Vargas: What...?

Selena: They're not monsters, but they still look fearsome.

Vargas: What're those girls doing here? They look kinda tough.

Selena: I have no intention of fighting unless it is against monsters.

Vargas: Yeah, well I'll take on anybody!

Before Boss Battle

Vargas: You two! You look pretty strong! You must be the boss of those monsters!

Tyrfing: What!? And just who are you? I bet you're in cahoots with the Eldritch!

Valyn: What're you two doing here? This place is crawling with Eldritch!

Vargas: Eldritch? What's an Eldritch? I don't care about those, whatever they are.

Tyrfing: Just what do you mean by that?

Vargas: C'mon, let's fight! Give me your best shot!

Tyrfing and Valyn: Whaaat!?

After Stage Clear

Vargas: Wow, you're both pretty tough!

Valyn: Well, yeah, she's a Killer Princesses, and I'm no weakling! Now tell us who you are.

Vargas: Me? My name's Vargas, the best swordsman in the world! And who're you?

Valyn: Pretty hotheaded, isn't he?

Tyrfing: All right, Vargas. My name is Tyrfing, and this is Valyn.

Tyrfing: We're on a special mission with the commander, and these Eldritch are in our way.

Vargas: I see... Okay, guess it's decided then!

Tyrfing and Valyn: ???

Vargas: Selena!

Selena: Y-Yes?

Vargas: Give them a hand!

Selena: What's with you, all of a sudden!?

Vargas: I still have to keep training. So, you'll have to help them out.

Selena and Tyrfing: Whaaat!?

Valyn: H-Hold on now, just what're you saying?

Vargas: Selena here is great with a sword. She's sure to be a fine addition to your ranks!

Selena: Vargas, wait!

Vargas: What, are you trying to tell me you won't help them?

Selena: No, no, it's not that, but...

Vargas: It's a done deal, now get going already! I've got training to do!

Vargas: Those monsters aren't going to beat themselves! I have to get started, see you later!

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