PotB Selena Spark 1

AP: 4

EXP: 60

Zenny: 285

Item Drop:

Bonus: Metal Key 1


Before Stage Start

Party members were training on a grassy field one sunny day.

Valyn: Michele! Put your back into it!

Michele: I know! Heee-yah!

Lucina: Selena...your swordplay is as amazing as always.

Selena: Heh, thanks, Lucina. Michele, this is the power of Lexida!

Michele: Argh...

Selena's blow sends Michele's axe flying.

Michele: Damn, that's frustrating! I almost had you that time!

These woman were knights and warriors from another world, Grand Gaia.

They trained night and day without rest for the battle to come.

Selena: All of this training should help out when it comes to actual battle, but...I still get the sense that there's something missing.

Lucina: Selena...what's wrong? You look grim.

Selena: Do I, now?

Michele: What? What is it? Selena, is there something worrying you?

Selena: It's just that...recently--

Valyn: Everyone take cover! It's the Eldritch!

Selena: They're back again!

Lucina: Selena, if you can use your sword like you did in traning just now, this should be an easy battle.

Michele: Lemme at 'em!

Selena: Now's no time to be worrying.

Selena: Destroy the enemy in front of you and take the victory. That's all we need to do.

After Stage Clear

Selena: Argh... That was a tougher battle than I expected.

Lucina: Are you feeling under the weather or something?

Michele: I can't move my sword the way I want to! What was the point of all that training, anyway?

Selena: My apologies. I'm not even sure, myself...

Valyn: Let's take a rest! You must all be exhausted.

Selena: What's wrong with me, Lexida? Do you know the answer?

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