PotB Selena Spark 10

AP: 10

Goal: Slay Boss

EXP: 200

Zenny: 1,014

Item Drop: 3★ Selena: Myrmidon

Bonus: Lazuli 1


Before Stage Start

Michele: Hey! Selena! Your sword stopped moving again!

Selena: I'm sorry... I'm perfect during training, but when it comes to actual battle, I just freeze up.

Lucina: Selena...

Lucina: Maybe you worry about Lexida too much, and this holds you back.

Selena: No, that can't be it! Can it...Lexida?

Michele: You put us in danger when you do that because we have to compensate and protect you, so be careful!

Selena: I'm sorry!

It was then that a large man appeared out of the mountains.

???: Hey! Are you ladies keeping up with your training?

Michele: Who the hell's this?

Lucina: ...Selena. Who is this musclebound man?

Selena: Vargas?! Where on earth have you been these past months?

Vargas: Heh, I was hunting monsters in the mountains and got lost.

Valyn: Same Vargas as always, I see.

Vargas: I'm pretty sure it's made me stronger, though!

Selena: Such a positive outlook.

Vargas: Selena...and you! You haven't gotten lazy while I've been away?

Selena: Of course not! We're training every single day!

Vargas: Looks like you've got some skills now, anyway!

Vargas: But even I can tell that something's bothering you!


Vargas: Show me your stuff. No holding back, okay?

Selena: Very well... Lexida...please lend me your power!

Selena: Argh!

Vargas: What's wrong? That's all you can do? How do you expect to fight if you just protect your sword all the time?!

Vargas: Are you that afraid of losing Lexida?

Lucina: Selena! You need to believe in more than just Lexida! You need to believe in your own power!

Michele: Is this the best you can do? You're not holding anything back?

You're not alone. We're fighting by your side!

Selena: Everyone...Commander! Argh... No...I'm not done yet... Here I come, Vargas!

Vargas: Heh, now that's what I wanted to see! No more worrying! Good job, Selena!

After Stage Clear

Selena: Vargas, this is the real me! My real power!!!

Vargas: Ah, hahahahaha! I lost!

Lucina: That was amazing, Selena!

Michele: I think your fighting slump is over, now.

Selena: *Pant* Hearing all of your voices finally woke me up...

Selena: Up until now I was terrified that I would break and lose Lexida.

Selena: So I would protect Lexida so much during actual battles, and this would affect my ability to fight effectively...

Vargas: Now that you broke free from your worries, you're actually pretty damn terrifying to fight against!

Selena: Vargas, you helped me break free. Thanks!

Vargas: Hehe!

Vargas: I couldn't stand seeing a fellow warrior from Grand Gaia down in the dumps like that!

Lucina: It's great to have the real Selena I know back again!

Selena: Thanks, Lucina...

Vargas: You kicked my ass. Guess I'll have to go redo my training in the mountains...

Vargas: Selena! Come train with me?

Valyn: What?!

Lucina: Where'd that come from?!

Selena: Thanks for asking me, Vargas.

Selena: But I can't break out of my shell without Lucina and Michele...and I need the Commander's skills, too...

Vargas: Bah. I knew you'd say that! Come find me if you ever change your mind!

Vargas: Next time I won't lose, though! Later!

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