Bashosen Beg

AP: 4

EXP: 250

Zenny: 125

Item Drop: 3★ Bashosen: Armored Mage


  • Mana Point: 500 = Clear w/in 5 turns.
  • Mana Point: 500 = Clear w/o any KOs.
  • Lazuli: 1 = Clear w/only Bashosen.


Before Stage Start

Over 800,000 commanders now roam the land we know as Terra. A special quest awaits you in the realm above: Elysium.

Not to be outdone by her rivals, Bashosen has donned a dress and entered the fray!

Survive their trials, and deluxe rewards shall be yours!

Bashosen: Quickly, Darling! I am getting tired of waiting!

Bashosen: Hurry, or I will blow you away!

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