Masamune Beg

AP: 4

EXP: 250

Zenny: 125

Item Drop: Swordsmith Manual


  • Mana Point: 500 = Clear w/in 5 turns.
  • Mana Point: 500 = Clear w/o any KOs.
  • Lazuli: 1 = Clear w/only Masamune.


Before Stage Start

Over 800,000 commanders now roam the land we know as Terra. A special quest awaits you in the realm above: Elysium.

Two familiar Killer Princesses are there, in special dresses for reasons unknown, to help you prove that you are the most powerful commander of all.

Survive their trials, and deluxe rewards shall be yours!

Masamune: I have been waiting for this moment, my liege! Spare me no quarter, for I have none for thee!

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