Pinky CharaQuest


Episode 1: Merit

Pinky: Look, look! I found this in that forest over there!

Pinky: Yup-yup-yup, it's an acorn! Isn't it just so cute?

Pinky: Aww, c'mon now! Don't be like that! We finally have the day off, let me be me!

Pinky: Oh, and look at this too! Bam! I made this costume myself! Hahaha!

Pinky: Isn't it just the cutest?! Isn't it just adorable?!

Pinky: Hey, hey, hey! Don't treat me like a kid, just 'cause I like acorns and pandas!

Pinky: Hmph! *Pout* Fine, I'm just a big baby then! Heehee, you sorry now?!

Pinky: Why am I always in such a good mood?

Pinky: It's 'cause being positive is just who I am!

Her boundless energy and smiling face made her very fun to be around.

Episode 2: True Tears

She said being positive was just who she was, but this day she was different.

Pinky: *Sniffle*...*Weep*...

Pinky: O-Oh, hi there.

Tears were streaming down her face.

Pinky: N-No, nothing's wrong!

Pinky: ...Really? You really want to know?

Pinky: It's... *snniff*... It's just that...

Pinky: Everyone else is fighting so bravely, but I...I just don't know why I do it.

Pinky: I always come here to have a cry after each battle.

Pinky: I hate it, being so weak like this. If this keeps up...

Pinky: I'll never be strong, like everyone else.

Pinky: The real reason I like costumes is 'cause they make me feel like I could, y'know, not be me.

"You're always fun to be around."

Pinky: Really? I'm fun? You think so?

"There's no shame in crying."

Pinky: That makes me feel a lil' better.

"You can catch up to them, I know it!"

Pinky: You mean it? Okay then, I guess I'll do it one step at a time!

Pinky: Thanks, Commander...

Pinky: *Giggle* I think I feel a lil' better now.

A faint smile began creeping over her face.

Episode 2: Spinnin Panda Lance

Several days later, the commander found hinky: Per in that place again after a battle.

Pinky: Oh, Commander!

Pinky: Were you worried about me?

Pinky: I'm fine, no tears today!

Pinky: Commander, listen... Up 'til now...

Pinky: I don't like being a crybaby, so I think I was forcing myself to be all smiles all the time.

Pinky: But from now on, I'll accept it, all of the good and bad parts of me!

Pinky: Am I a bit more...mature, now?

Pinky: Just kidding! *Giggle*

"I think you deserve a reward!"

Pinky: A reward? Hmm... What do I want. Acorns? Pandas? Naww...

"Anything you want to do?"

Pinky: What do I wanna do? Umm...I wanna move, do something active!

"Wanna go somewhere?"

Pinky: Naww, but there is something I'd like to do with you!

Pinky: Let's dance! You and me!!

Pinky: C'mon, c'mon, over here! Ready? Then, let's dance!

Pinky: Hahaha! Whee! This's so much fun!!

Pinky: Being with you always makes me forget my problem!

Pinky: I feel lots better now!

It was at that moment that something changed within her.

Pinky: Whoa... What's this feeling?

Pinky: Am I stronger than I used to be? It feels like I've got power bursting out my ears!

It was at that moment, the Princess had discovered a new skill.

Pinky: Yaaayy! I've got a new skill!

Pinky: I think I'll call it... "Spinning Panda Lance!"

Pinky: Isn't this just sooo much fun?

Pinky: ...What's wrong? Why're you slumped over like that? You aren't tried already, are you?

Pinky: C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!

Pinky: I wanna keep dancing, Commander!

While it was nice to see her back in high spirits, the commander was also a bit worried that it would be impossible to keep up with her like this.

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