Madoka Magica 1

AP: 2

EXP: 50

Zenny: 25

Bonus: Madoka Magica Key x1


Before Stage Start

Let us take a step back from the land we know as Terra.

And look upwards to Elysium, a land also connected through the Yggdrasil tree.

Where an alternate story with Tyrfing, her friend Dulyn, and "Magical Girls" takes place.

Tyrfing: I just walked around the unfamiliar streets, not knowing why I was there...or even my own name...

Tyrfing: I saw signs saying "Mitakihara City," and for some reason they made me uneasy.

Tyrfing: Those girls...

Tyrfing: Something about them fills me with feelings of nostalgia.

Madoka Kaname: You have to go rescue Homura!

Tyrfing: Who...who am I?

Teacher: ...When frying an egg, should it be fried sunny side-up or over hard?! Mr. Nakazawa--what do you think?!

Male Student: Huh? Umm, well... Th-They can be fried either way, can't they?

Teacher: Precisely! They can be fried either way!

Male Student: ...

Madoka Kaname: Miss Saotome's in a bad mood again, I see...

Sayaka Miki: She's furious...hehe!

Teacher: Now that that's out of the way, let's welcome out new transfer student!

Sayaka Miki: Hey, shouldn't that have come first?

Teacher: Come on in!

Sayaka Miki: Wow, she's gorgeous! Did she study abroad or something?

Madoka Kaname: She's beautiful.

Teacher: Now, then! Why don't you tell your classmates about yourself?

Tyrfing: I'm...Tyr...Tyrfing?

Tyrfing: What am I doing here...?

Tyrfing: I was told...I'd understand everything if I came here...

Tyrfing: And...

Sayaka Miki: What?! She came back from studying abroad...with amnesia? That's just too cool!

Madoka Kaname: That girl...

Tyrfing: ...Urgh?!

Tyrfing: On that day I had a dream that I was falling and falling...deeper and deeper into the darkness...

After Stage Clear

Tyrfing: And the next thing I knew, I was wandering unfamiliar streets...and an unfamiliar town square.

Tyrfing: Then a pure white beast with red eyes appeared in front of me.

Kyubey: Hey.

Tyrfing: ...Who are you?

Kyubey: My name is Kyubey. You look like you're in some big trouble.

Tyrfing: What is this place?

Kyubey: You don't remember that this is Mitakihara City?

Tyrfing: ...Sorry.

Kyubey: There's no need to apologize. You'll remember it all sooner or later. That's why you're here.

Tyrfing: Oh... What are these clothes?

Kyubey: That's your school uniform. You'll be attending a middle school, starting today.

Tyrfing: ...Why?

Kyubey: You'll remember that, too! It'll all make sense after you go there?

Tyrfing: ...

Kyubey: All right. Now, to the matter at hand.

Kyubey: ...Tyrfing. Make a contract with me and become a magical girl!

Tyrfing: Magical girl?

Kyubey: You'll be a magical girl, and you'll fight witches.

Kyubey: You have what it takes to become a magnificent magical girl.

Kyubey: If you make a contract with me, I will grant you one wish. Any wish you desire!

Tyrfing: ...

Kyubey: There's nothing for you to be afraid of. It's your destiny to keep fighting forever, aren't you?

Tyrfing: What did you just say?

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