Madoka Magica 2

AP: 3

EXP: 80

Zenny: 55


Before Stage Start

???: ...fing. Tyrfing.

Tyrfing: Huh?

Madoka Kaname: Are you all right? You were talking to yourself.

Tyrfing: You're...

Madoka Kaname: Madoka Kaname. I'm the nurse's aide.

Tyrfing: Ah...oh.

Madoka Kaname: That was scary. You suddenly collapsed while introducing yourself to the class. Good thing it was just a mild case of anemia!

Tyrfing: Oh... Thank you.

Madoka Kaname: Um... Have we met...somewhere before?

Sayaka Miki: Madoka, do you mind if we stop at the CD store on the way home?

Madoka Kaname: That's fine.

Sayaka Miki: Oh, Tyr. You're awake!

Tyrfing: Tyr...?

Sayaka Miki: Tyrfing, right? Tyr for short?

Tyrfing: Ah...yeah.

Sayaka Miki: I'm Sayaka Miki. Nice to meet you!

Tyrfing: Um, nice to meet you.

Sayaka Miki: Did you really study abroad? And you really have amnesia now? That's so cool!

Madoka Kaname: Ah!

Sayaka Miki: Madoka...

Madoka Kaname: matter what happens, stay close to us.

Tyrfing: What's going on?

Sayaka Miki: A witch is coming.

Tyrfing: Witch?

Sayaka Miki: Witches are creatures born from curses. They sow the seeds of disaster throughout the world.

Tyrfing: That's...

Sayaka Miki: Don't worry, though. That's why we're here.

Tyrfing: ...?

Madoka Kaname: We're magical girls, born from wishes to fight against the witches.

Madoka Kaname: You'll be okay. We'll protect you, no matter what happens.

Tyrfing: ...

Sayaka Miki: Madoka! It's coming!

Madoka Kaname: Okay!

After Stage Clear

Madoka Kaname: Whew...

Sayaki Miki: It was just a familiar. Easy peasy!

Tyrfing: You always do this kind of thing...?

Sayaka Miki: That's right.

Madoka Kaname: This is the destiny of every magical girl.

Tyrfing: Destiny...

Kyubey: Have you made up your mind?

Sayaka Miki: What? Don't tell me you made your offer to Tyr, too?!

Kyubey: She has been selected because of her unique capabilities. I think she'll make a good companion for you girls.

Sayaka Miki: That's good to hear.

Madoka Kaname: Are you sure this is what you want, Tyr?

Tyrfing: I still don't...

Kyubey: Take your time. But didn't you remember anything while watching Madoka and Sayaka fight?

Madoka Kaname: You have to go save Homura!

Tyrfing: ...

Kyubey: I will grant any wish you desire. I'm waiting for your answer. I hope your answer is "yes."

Madoka Kaname: Are you all right, Tyr?

Tyrfing: Yeah...

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