Madoka Magica 3

AP: 4

EXP: 160

Zenny: 85

Bonus: Lazuli 1


Before Stage Start

Tyrfing: Days went by after that, and my memories were still hazy...

Tyrfing: Of course, I didn't think about becoming a magical girl, or the wish that would be granted as payment...

Tyrfing: Time just passed...

Kyoko Sakura: Hey, so you're the new candidate?

Tyrfing: You are...?

Kyoko Sakura: You can call me your "senpai."

Tyrfing:'re a magical girl, too?

Kyoko Sakura: Yeah. Let me give you a piece of advice as your sempai.

Kyoko Sakura: If you're not sure, just don't do it. Don't force a wish if you can't think of anything.

Kyoko Sakura: And the dumbest think you could ever do would be to use a wish for someone else.

Tyrfing: ...

Kyoko Sakura:'re not even from this world, are you?

Tyrfing: How dare you...

Kyoko Sakura: The fight in you smells different. You don't fight witches.

Kyoko Sakura: You've been fighting something else, haven't you?

Tyrfing: I...

Kyoko Sakura: We'll talk more later. Get back!

After Stage Clear

Kyoko Sakura: I knew it. You're quite a fighter. Where did you learn to do that?

Tyrfing: I don't know...

Kyoko Sakura: Anyway, you saved our bacon. Thanks!

Kyoko Sakura: Are you hungry? Here.

Tyrfing: Thank you.

Kyoko Sakura: I don't know what world you are from, but...

Kyoko Sakura: Don't worry about it so much. You'll get your memories back in no time.

Tyrfing: But...

Kyoko Sakura: Just don't get any crazy ideas about using a wish to get your memories back!

Kyoko Sakura: A magical girl's fight is eternal. There aren't many wishes that are worth that price.

Kyoko Sakura: Would you be willing to give up your eternity for one moment of good fortune?

Tyrfing: Eternal...fighting...

Tyrfing: ...Oh!

Kyoko Sakura: What is it?

Tyrfing: There's something inside my body...

Kyoko Sakura: ...What?! Is that a Soul Gem inside you?!

Tyrfing: Soul...Gem? No, this is...

Tyrfing: Urgh...

Kyoko Sakura: Hey! Are you all right?!

Tyrfing: ...My name is Tyrfing.

Tyrfing: I am a Killer Princess. I fight for the Church of Ragnarok...

Kyoko Sakura: ...You got your memories back?

Tyrfing: Not all of them, but...I know that I used to a world far away from this place...

Kyoko Sakura: ...

Kyubey: Looks like everything is going according to plan.

Kyoko Sakura: Kyubey

Kyubey: Tyrfing, have you picked your wish?

Tyrfing: No...

Kyubey: I'm sure once you remember it all, you won't have any choice but to make a wish.

Kyubey: I look forward to it.

Tyrfing: ...

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