Madoka Magica 7

AP: 8

EXP: 340

Zenny: 960


Before Stage Start

Sayaka Miki: Madoka! This barrier!

Kyoko Sakura: This is a strong one.

Tyrfing: Urgh!

Madoka Kaname: What is it, Tyr?!

Kyoko Sakura: Are you all right?

Sayaka Miki: Tyr?

Tyrfing: ...This is Killium.

Madoka Kaname: What is this...?

Kyoko Sakura: That's...

Sayaka Miki: Tyr...?

Madoka Kaname: Why are there two Tyrs?

Tyrfing: Argh... Get back, please. I'll...take care of this.

Madoka Kaname: But...

Tyrfing: That's another me. My Replicant!

Kyubey: It's about to begin. That time of the Culling.

After Stage Clear

Tyrfing: *Pant*

Madoka Kaname: Are you okay, Tyr?

Kyoko Sakura: Hey, what's going on here, Kyubey?!

Kyubey: It'd be quicker to just ask Tyrfing, I think.

Madoka Kaname: Tyr?

Tyrfing: ...I come from a world called Yggdrasil.

Tyrfing: Everyone's friends wandered into that world...

Madoka Kaname: Friends?

Kyoko Sakura: What do you mean?

Tyrfing: Please try and remember. The magical girls of this city... Are you the only ones?

Sayaka Miki: Huh?

Kyoko Sakura: Of course we are. Who else would there be?

Homura Akemi: Madoka...

Madoka Kaname: ...Homura?

Sayaka and Kyoko: Huh?!

Madoka Kaname: ...Homura and Mami.

Sayaka Miki: Right...

Kyoko Sakura: How is it we forgot about them...?

Madoka Kaname: It this Homura's power?

Kyubey: No. It's a stronger power than that.

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