Madoka Magica 9

AP: 9

EXP: 450

Zenny: 1,000

Bonus: Lazuli 1


Before Stage Start

Madoka Kaname: Tyr, what is going on?

Tyrfing: One day, a witch named Walpurgisnacht appeared in our world.

Sayaka Miki: Walpurgisnacht...

Tyrfing: From that day on, I fought this witch with the rest of the Killer Princesses.

Tyrfing: As my friends fell one after another, something happened at the space-time singularity between your world and mine...

Tyrfing: A "dimensional hole" appeared in space.

Tyrfing: Two magical girls fell through this hole into our world. They were...

Madoka Kaname: Homura and Mami.

Tyrfing: Kyubey, you can grant us one more wish, right? Anything at all?

Kyubey: Yes. If you agree to become a magical girl.

Tyrfing: Will you...send me back to my own world?

Tyrfing: If the dimensional hole opens up again...

Tyrfing: ...the two lost magical girls should be able to return to this world.

Kyubey: A simple matter. All right, hope for your wish with all your might. In exchange for your soul.

After Stage Clear

Kyoko Sakura: Is she a magical girl now?

Kyubey: No...

Kyoko Sakura: ?

Kyubey: A dimensional hole to Tyrfing's world has opened up.

Kyubey: But there's a power greater than I expected working through her. Unfortunately, this is blocking the contract.

Tyrfing: Why...?

Kyubey: The wish has been partially granted. The hole is now open.

Kyubey: But something is getting in the way.

Kyoko Sakura: A witch?

Kyubey: Exactly.

Madoka Kaname: Let's go, Tyr!

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