Madoka Magica PotK 1

AP: 2

EXP: 50

Zenny: 40

Bonus: Madoka Magica Key x1


Before Stage Start

Homura Akemi: I'll keep repeating this as long as it takes. Coming back to the same time, over and over again, until I find the only exit.

Homura Akemi: Until I find a way to rescue you from a life of despair.

Madoka Kaname: Homura!

???: ...ra. Homura!

Dulyn: Homura! Are you okay?

Homura Akemi: You're...

Dulyn: What are you talking about?! Pull yourself together!

Homura Akemi: What is this place...?

Tyrfing: She must've gotten hit in the head or something.

Dulyn: I don't know! Right now, we just have to make it out of here!

Homura Akemi: Um...

Dulyn: Look out, another one's coming!

Tyrfing: I'll go, too!

Dulyn: What's happening?!

Tyrfing: They never stop...

Dulyn: What a time for Homura to be out of commission!

Homura Akemi: Um, I...

Eldritch: *Shriek*

Dulyn: This is crazy!

Dulyn: !

Mami Tomoe: Looks like you're having a tough fight.

Dulyn: Mami!

Mami Tomoe: All right, let's wipe them all out!

After Stage Clear

Mami Tomoe: Go now!

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