Madoka Magica PotK 10

AP: 10

EXP: 500

Zenny: 2,180

Item Drop: 3★ Homura Akemi: Gun Mage

Bonus: Lazuli 1, Orb Mannan, Magic Fairy, Title: "Traveler Back in Time!"


Before Stage Start

Mami Tomoe: What?

Kyubey: ...We have company.

Homura Akemi: ?

Mami Tomoe: This is...

Homura Akemi: Walpurgisnacht!

Mami Tomoe: What's that doing here?

Kyubey: I've seen everything. Ever since you came to this world.

Kyubey: You're not the only ones who wandered into this world.

Kyubey: When you came here, Walpurgisnacht came along as well.

Mami Tomoe: Oh, no...

Tyrfing: Is everyone okay?

Mami Tomoe: Yes.

Dulyn: What the hell was that? I've never seen an Eldritch like that before.

Homura Akemi: That's no Eldritch.

Mami Tomoe: That's the worse, most powerful witch of them all.

Tyrfing: Witch?

Homura Akemi: Let's go.

Mami Tomoe: Yeah.

After Stage Clear

Mami Tomoe: Oh no... I don't want to die.

Homura Akemi: It's...

Kyubey: It's trying to go back home by smashing through the hole.

Homura Akemi: If its kills us here...

Kyubey: The world on the other side will be destroyed, too.

Homura Akemi: I'll stop it here. I'll protect this world!

Homura Akemi: Argh! *Gurgle* No good...

Tyrfing: Hang in there, Homura!

Homura Akemi: I can't do what I need to do...because of the rules of this world...but maybe...

Tyrfing: ...?

Homura Akemi: Tyrfing, are you willing to travel through time?

Tyrfing: If I can save everyone, yes.

Homura Akemi: ...Then go! Warn everyone! Tell Madoka!

Homura Akemi: I'll protect this world no matter what.

Homura Akemi: So...

Homura Akemi: I'm counting on you, Tyrfing.

Tyrfing: ...

Tyrfing: Will you come with me?

Madoka Kaname: ...Of course.

Sayaka Miki: Yeah!

Kyoko Sakura: I won't let that witch get away with this!

Madoka Kaname: Homura is waiting on the other side.

Sayaka Miki: Mami is fighting too.

Kyoko Sakura: Let's go. We've got a world to save.

Tyrfing: Yeah.

Madoka Kaname: Let's go. Together!

Homura Akemi: Madoka. Please live...

To be continued...

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