Madoka Magica PotK 2

AP: 3

EXP: 80

Zenny: 70


Before Stage Start

Mami Tomoe: Is that the new girl?

Dulyn: Yeah.

Mami Tomoe: She doesn't look well. Is she hurt?

Tyrfing: She seems to have lost her memories in the last fight.

Mami Tomoe: Oh... I'm Mami Tomoe.

Mami Tomoe: A Killer Princess of the Church of Ragnarok, just like you and Tyrfing.

Homura Akemi: Killer...Princess?

Homura Akemi: ...Huh?!

Dulyn: Homura!

Mami Tomoe: Are you all right?

Dulyn: Are you okay, Homura...?

Homura Akemi: Magical girl...

Mami Tomoe: ?

Homura Akemi: What is a Killer Princess? Why... Why are you...?

Dulyn: I think she's seriously hurt.

Tyrfing: We better get her back to the church so she can rest.

Mami Tomoe: That sounds like a good idea.

Dulyn: Let's go, Homura.

Homura Akemi: After that, I just kept fighting against the Eldritch. I had no idea who or what I was.

Homura Akemi: All I could do was live my life as a Killer Princess, going on missions for the church.

Homura Akemi: But each time I fought, I was filled with a nagging feeling that there was something wrong.

Mami Tomoe: Let's go, Homura!

Homura Akemi: Yeah!!

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