Madoka Magica PotK 3

AP: 4

EXP: 160

Zenny: 160

Bonus: Lazuli 1


Before Stage Start

Mami Tomoe: Are you used to fighting?

Homura Akemi: Pretty much...

Mami Tomoe: I...thought I'd be fine just fighting together with everyone forever.

Mami Tomoe: Something about being together with you like this fills me with joy.

Homura Akemi: ...

Mami Tomoe: This may be what I've always wanted.

Homura Akemi: ...Mami, is this really the world we're supposed to be in?

Mami Tomoe: What do you mean?

Homura Akemi: I keep getting the sense that something is wrong, whenever I fight.

Homura Akemi: That maybe this isn't the world we were born in.

Homura Akemi: I think we were born somewhere else. Don't you feel it?

Mami Tomoe: I...

Homura Akemi: Whenever I watch you fight, two words pop into my head.

Mami Tomoe: What words?

Homura Akemi: ...Magical girl.

Mami Tomoe: ...

Homura Akemi: When did we turn into Killer Princesses?

Homura Akemi: And what the heck are those Eldritch we keep fighting?

Mami Tomoe: Homura, you look tired. Better get some rest.

After Stage Clear

Homura Akemi: This is...

???: The two worlds are connecting to each other once again.

Homura Akemi: ...?

Homura Akemi: ...A familiar!!!

Homura Akemi: Rrk...

Homura Akemi: I'm...a magical girl...

Homura Akemi: ...Come on out. What's the point of hiding?

Kyubey: You sensed me... I though I was obscuring my presence.

Homura Akemi: I'll never forget your presence.

Kyubey: I see... How much do you remember?

Homura Akemi: I'm a magical girl, and Mami Tomoe is living a different life for some reason.

Homura Akemi: And this not where we're supposed to be.

Kyubey: Exactly right. You're as sharp as always, Homura Akemi.

Homura Akemi: So what's going on? Why are we here?

Kyubey: I wonder. You know the answer to that question better than anyone, I would imagine.

Homura Akemi: ...?

Kyubey: But you're forgetting something major. The most important thing, actually.

Homura Akemi: What's that?

Kyubey: I can't answer that question. You'll have to find out for yourself.

Homura Akemi: ...

Kyubey: Regardless, a contract with a magical girl is permanent.

Kyubey: Even if you find yourself in a different world.

Homura Akemi: ...

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