Madoka Magica PotK 7

AP: 8

EXP: 340

Zenny: 875


Before Stage Start

Dulyn: ...Are you all right?

Tyrfing: That...was a little rough.

Mami Tomoe: You... Which one are you? Are you the Tyrfing who was with us all this time?

Dulyn: Heh, Mami made a good joke.

Tyrfing: That doesn't matter. I am the only me.

Tyrfing: The victor takes all the memories...

Tyrfing: The one who wins continues living as the only "me."

Dulyn: They fight themselves. Forever.

Mami Tomoe: Forever...

Mami Tomoe: ...Urgh!

Tyrfing: Mami?!

Dulyn: Mami!

Mami Tomoe: ...I'm fine. Could you please...leave me alone for a while?

After Stage Clear

Homura Akemi: You remembered, didn't you?

Mami Tomoe: Yes. But...I had an inkling, even from the beginning.

Mami Tomoe: This isn't our world...but I'm not alone here.

Mami Tomoe: You're all fighting by my side. Homura, and Tyrfing.

Mami Tomoe: Even if this isn't my world, life as a Killer Princess isn't so bad, or so I thought...

Homura Akemi: But...

Mami Tomoe: I understand now. I had no idea what their destiny was...

Mami Tomoe: I can't do this. I can't kill another me, just to survive.

Mami Tomoe: Their destiny is even more cruel than the duty of a magical girl.

Homura Akemi: Where did we come from? How far back can you remember?

Mami Tomoe: I...

Madoka Kaname: Homura...

Homura Akemi: Madoka...

Mami Tomoe: Huh?

Homura Akemi: We're not the only magical girls.

Mami Tomoe: ?!

Homura Akemi: Madoka...

Mami Tomoe: Sayaka and Kyoko...

Homura Akemi: ...I remember now. We have to go back. ...Madoka is waiting for us.

Mami Tomoe:

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