Madoka Magica PotK 9

AP: 9

EXP: 450

Zenny: 1,640

Bonus: Lazuli 1


Before Stage Start

Kyubey: Go through the dimensional hole.

Mami Tomoe: ?

Homura Akemi: Kyubey, you knew everything. Didn't you?

Kyubey: Yes. I was watching you the whole time.

Kyubey: Ever since you came to this world.

Homura Akemi: Why didn't you tell us anything?

Kyubey: Hehe, I have my own objective.

Mami Tomoe: And what would that be?

Kyubey: You'll find out soon enough.

Mami Tomoe: What does that mean...?

Homura Akemi: Tell us what this "dimensional hole" is.

Kyubey: ...One day, a dimensional hole appeared at a singularity in space-time between this world and your world.

Kyubey: The two spaces are connected via this hole. That's how you wound up here.

Kyubey: Your temporary amnesia was a side effect of passing through the dimensional hole.

Homura Akemi: ...

Kyubey: And you already know what happened next.

Kyubey: Mami lived as a Killer Princess, and Homura just played along in spite of her misgivings.

Homura Akemi: Could we go back through the dimensional hole, and return to our own world?

Kyubey: Probably.

Homura Akemi: Show us. Let's go back home.

Kyubey: Look over there...

Mami Tomoe: That's...

Homura Akemi: A dessert witch!

Kyubey: That's not good. The witch is guarding the dimensional hole.

Mami Tomoe: Then we have no choice but to fight.

Homura Akemi: Yeah.

After Stage Clear

Mami Tomoe: This is the dimensional hole?

Homura Akemi: It's fading away...

Kyubey: How unfortunate.

Kyubey: The dimensional hole has been converging on the singularity over the past several days. There's only a small residual hole left.

Mami Tomoe: What do you mean?!

Kyubey: It's not enough for you to travel through space-time. In other words, there's no way for you to return to your original world.

Homura Akemi: ...But we could have several days ago?

Kyubey: ?

Mami Tomoe: What are you thinking of doing?

Homura Akemi: I'll go back in time, then escape this world with you.

Homura Akemi: ...What's going on?

Kyubey: What did you expect? You're not from this world.

Homura Akemi: ...

Kyubey: This world has its own set of rules.

Kyubey: You can't recreate the timeline of this world. You could do it if you belonged here, but you don't.

Mami Tomoe: Then what should we do?!

Kyubey: You don't have any options. All you can do is live here, in this world.

Mami Tomoe: That's not funny! There must be another way!

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