Madoka Magica Walpurgisnacht 10

AP: 12

EXP: 700

Zenny: 7,405

Item Drop: Toric Bow

Bonus: Lazuli 1, Madoka Magica Key x1, Title: "Witch Hunter!"


Before Stage Start

Dulyn: Do you see them? The curses and sorrows carried by that witch?

Tyrfing: Yes.

Dulyn: I hate to say it...but the magical girls won't be able to defeat it by themselves.

Mami Tomoe: Why...can't we win?

Madoka Kaname: Homura...

Homura Akemi: It's okay, Madoka...

Tyrfing: ...I understand everything now.

Homura Akemi: ...?

Tyrfing: The reason why I had to go through time instead of Homura...and the reason why I met everyone.

Homura Akemi: ...

Tyrfing: You taught me that what seems like ordinary life to me...that is both sorrow and causality as well.

Tyrfing: And more than anything, you wished for my salvation.

Madoka Kaname: Tyr...

Tyrfing: That witch has absorbed countless curses, but by Culling it even more times than the number of curses...

Tyrfing: ...I can beat it because of the massive levels of causality I bear within me. I am the only one who can do it.

Madoka Kaname: But how will you handle it alone?

Tyrfing: I am not alone. I also carry with me countless thoughts, sorrows, and wishes...

Tyrfing: I'll make sure you get back to your own world.

Tyrfing: The second I destroy that thing, all of you jump into the dimensional hole.

Tyrfing: There should be just enough time to go through.

Madoka Kaname: Tyr...

Tyrfing: Thank you...Madoka...

Madoka Kaname: Tyr?!

After Stage Clear

Tyrfing: Everyone, go now!

Madoka Kaname: ...

Kyoko Sakura: Madoka?!

Madoka Kaname: ...I'm gonna stay in this world.

Tyrfing: What?!

Madoka Kaname: I can't just go home like this. I think there must be some way to save the Killer Princesses, too.

Homura Akemi: Madoka...

Madoka Kaname: Go on, everyone. I'll be fine.

Kyoko Sakura: Don't be crazy!

Madoka Kaname: Go!

Homura Akemi: No! We can't!

Madoka Kaname: ...

Homura Akemi: We can't just leave you here. Madoka!

Homura Akemi: A world without you would mean nothing to me.

Homura Akemi: If you're staying in this world, then this is my world now, too.

Madoka Kaname: Homura...

Kyoko Sakura: I guess that decides it, then.

Mami Tomoe: Yeah.

Sayaka Miki: This is just like you, Madoka!

Madoka Kaname: Everyone...

Sayaka Miki: Huh?

Kyoko Sakura: Huh?!

Madoka Kaname: What's going on?!

Kyubey: This dimension has started to reject all of you. You were never meant to be in this world.

Madoka Kaname: You're kidding...

Homura Akemi: Madoka!

Madoka Kaname: Ah...Tyr!

Tyrfing: Madoka!

Madoka Kaname: We'll meet again someday, won't we?!

Tyrfing: Uh, yeah!

Madoka Kaname: Make it a promise!

Tyrfing: Thanks...Madoka...

Sayaka Miki: Ouch...

Madoka Kaname: ...It's slammed shut.

Homura Akemi: Yeah.

Mami Tomoe: What should we do now?

Kyoko Sakura: First things first. Let's get something to eat.

Sayaka Miki: I want to take a nice long bath!

Kyubey: Heh. So this is how it all ends.

Madoka and Tyrfing: Magical girls...

Madoka and Tyrfing: and Killer Princesses...

Madoka and Tyrfing: both live lives full of sorrow...

Tyrfing: ...but there's no need to despair.

Tyrfing: I'll change things. We'll save you. So...

Dulyn: Tyr!

Tyrfing: Yeah!

Eldrich: *Shriek*

Madoka and Tyrfing: We'll fight.

Madoka and Tyrfing: We'll keep fighting forever...

Madoka and Tyrfing: as Magical Girls...and Killer Princes...

Madoka and Tyrfing: It's the only fate we know!

The End

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