Madoka Magica Walpurgisnacht 2

AP: 10

EXP: 520

Zenny: 1,095

Bonus: Madoka Magica Key x1


Before Stage Start

Madoka Kaname: Sayaka! Kyoko!

Sayaka Miki: Madoka!

Kyoko Sakura: Hey, that's...

Sayaka Miki: Another Tyr?!

Madoka Kaname: Two of them?

Kyoko Sakura: ...What's going on?!

Madoka Kaname: Tyr, can you explain this?

Tyrfing: That's another me. I have to...Cull it before it Culls me.

Madoka Kaname: What?! Why would you fight yourself?

Tyrfing: That's how things work here. It can't be changed. It's the destiny of every Killer Princess.

Madoka Kaname: Tyr...

Tyrfing: Based on the absolute principle of the Kill Order...

Tyrfing: I hereby Cull you!

After Stage Clear

Tyrfing: Likewise. Be at peace, and perish.

Sayaka Miki: Wait!

Madoka Kaname: Stop!

Madoka Kaname: Tyr...

Tyrfing: It's all right... We are the same person. Her memory will live on in me.

Madoka Kaname: do you live like that? It's too sad. How can you do that?

Tyrfing: how we've always lived. It doesn't seem sad to me.

Madoka Kaname: ...

Kyubey: She fights for all eternity. Without a choice, from the day she was born. This is her unending fate.

Kyubey: She Culls herself, and the energy born from this Culling is even more powerful than the energy generated by a witch.

Kyubey: It's a good thing. This alternative source of energy is what saves this universe, even though there are no magical girls here.

Kyubey: It's all thanks to the Killer Princesses.

Madoka Kaname: That's...too said... Tyr...

Tyrfing: Let's go. We have to find Homura and Mami.

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