Walpurgisnacht episode 4

AP: 11

EXP: 560

Zenny: 4,225


Before Stage Start

Dulyn: This is so delicious!

Tyrfing: Mami, you really know how to pick the best desserts.

Dulyn: And your tea is amazing, too!

Mami Tomoe: Isn't it, though? Homura, have something to eat.

Homura Akemi: ...All right.

Mami Tomoe: What's wrong? You don't look well.

Homura Akemi: Nothing...

Dulyn: Hmm...

Dulyn: Homura and Tyr, there's something similar about the two of you...

Tyrfing: You think so? It makes me happy to be compared to such a pretty girl, anyway...

Dulyn: Especially the way both of you space out all the time!

Tyrfing: That...doesn't make me quite so happy.

Dulyn: It's coming.

Tyrfing: Yeah.

Mami Tomoe: What is?

Tyrfing: That's my Replicant.

Mami Tomoe: ?

Madoka Kaname: Homura! Mami!

Sayaka Miki: You're both okay...

Kyoko Sakura: What's that you're eating? It looks delicious.

Homura Akemi: And you are...?

Madoka Kaname: What is it, Homura?

Tyrfing: They have no memories of the other world.

Madoka Kaname: Huh?

Mami Tomoe: Who are these people?

Kyoko Sakura: Hey, Madoka.

Madoka Kaname: Yeah... That's Tyr's Replicant?

Tyrfing: Yes...well, it's the me from several days ago, to be precise.

Madoka Kaname: What?

Tyrfing: It doesn't matter. It's another me in the same timeline, so it's basically just another Replicant. I have to Cull it...

Dulyn: Enough of this crazy talk!

Dulyn: We're trying to enjoy our dessert! You're gonna make me mad!

Tyrfing: Here I go!

After Stage Clear

Mami Tomoe: What are you doing?!

Homura Akemi: ...How dare you! Tyrfing!

Kyoko Sakura: Hey!

Madoka Kaname: Wait! Homura!

Homura Akemi: ...Why are you getting in the way!

Madoka Kaname: Homura, try and remember. You called me here. You and Mami... You're magical girls!

Homura Akemi: Magical girls...

Mami Tomoe: What's a magical girl? We're Killer...

Mami Tomoe: We're...magical girls...

Madoka Kaname: That's right.

Homura Akemi: Madoka...

Madoka Kaname: You remembered...

Mami Tomoe: But, Tyrfing...

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