Madoka Magica Walpurgisnacht 8

AP: 12

EXP: 640

Zenny: 6,840


Before Stage Start

Madoka Kaname: There.

Dulyn: What is that thing?! I've never seen an Eldritch like that before!

Homura Akemi: That's no Eldritch.

Mami Tomoe: It's the worst and most powerful witch.

Dulyn: Witch?

Tyrfing: Walpurgisnacht... I saw that thing destroy this world.

Homura Akemi: Let's go.

Tyrfing: I'll go, too.

Madoka Kaname: It's all right. Leave the witch to us magical girls.

Kyoko Sakura: That witch is from our world. It's our problem, so we'll take care of it.

After Stage Clear

Homura Akemi: Urgh...

Sayaka Miki: Such power...

Kyubey: Looks like you're having a tough time with it.

Madoka Kaname: What should we do?

Kyubey: There's nothing you can do. Besides, I can't have you beating it that easily anyway.

Sayaka Miki: What are you talking about?!

Kyubey: All of the necessary conditions have finally been met.

Madoka Kaname: ...?

Kyubey: A Killer Princess who Culls herself again and again...and Walpurgisnacht.

Kyubey: When these two collide, the Killer Princess will be annihilated...

Kyubey: ...producing more energy than we, the Incubators, have ever seen.

Madoka Kaname: That's insane...

Kyubey: Tyrfing is not the only Killer Princess. There are many others like her on this world.

Kyubey: So I'll have them continue fighting against Walpurgisnacht as well.

Homura Akemi: Have you lost your mind?

Kyubey: Why? It's a brilliant plan.

Kyubey: Homura's ability to travel through time made causality converge on Tyrfing.

Kyubey: She'll provide the Incubators with a tremendous amount of energy, all by herself.

Homura Akemi: Argh...

Mami Tomoe: There's no more time to talk things over. We have to go now!

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