Downloading and Installing

Android Users

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iOS Users

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It's recommended that you get through the tapping minigame and hit at least 777 taps to obtain 6 Lazuli.

Side note: The most recent update added a Start Dash Login Bonus, which gives 10 free Lazuli on the first day of logging in, and other various goodies every day for the following week. This makes the 777 taps optional, if you so wish to save your fingers.

It is also recommended to reroll for a unit that can evolve in to either a 5* or a 6*; make sure to check the wiki to see if your units can evolve that far!

Finally, some of the more recent gacha events have had a discounted 10 Lazuli:10 unit pull, which includes all 3*+ units released outside of special units(Kanon, Wedding Masamune, Denpa-chan, etc.) and collaboration units, such as Michele and Lucina from Brave Frontier, PMMM units, etc., unless stated otherwise. If you see a unit you want in the banner, pull from that gacha. Good luck rerolling!

  1. Run the tutorial until the conversation after the second battle.
  2. Go back to the home screen of your device without closing the game. WITHOUT CLOSING THE GAME.
  3. Use a file explorer to navigate to the files folder (Android) or Documents folder (iOS), copy "tutorial.dat", and delete "auth.dat".
  4. Close the game.
  5. Paste "tutorial.dat" back to the app folder and restart the game. There should be a popup at the title screen; press the blue button.
  6. You should be back before the tapping minigame, but with the amount of taps you left off at. Continue and you'll end up at the conversation. If you failed, your screen will probably either lock or turn black, and the best solution would be to reinstall. :(

Backing Up and/or Transferring

  1. Navigate to the files folder (Android) or Documents folder (iOS); copy "auth.dat", put it somewhere safe, delete everything except the Cache folder, and paste "auth.dat" into the app folder you want.