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Episode 1: Drink When You Wanna

Thyrsos: ALL RIGHT!

Thyrsos: I guess that takes care of them all?

How strong..! Thyrsos, claiming victory again in spite of the countless beasts we were up against.

Thyrsos: Wow! Today we had such a decisive victory! On days like this...

Oh, here we go again. When she wants to have fun...

Thyrsos: Let's all go drinking to celebrate!

At the bar...

Thyrsos: Hey, why aren't you drinking? Your glass is still nearly full!

Thyrsos: A drinking party is the perfect place to let loose!

Thyrsos: I always say, work when work, sleep when you wanna sleep, and drink when you wanna drink!

Thyrsos: That's my motto! That being said, let's get another glass over here!

Thyrsos: Wow, that battle today was pretty tough!

Thyrsos: Huh? An easy win you thought? Well, maybe from your point of view, Commander.

Thyrsos: But from my point of view in the front lines, even I started to sweat with what we were up against.

Thyrsos: What? You didn't think I was the type to feel pressured? Humph! Commander, I think you might the wrong impression about me.

Thyrsos: You know, I'm... I'm not as strong as everyone thinks.

The commander was startled as Thyrsos suddenly gave him a timid glance.

Episode 2: More Than Just a Drink

One hour later...

Thyrsos: Oh, you're awake? Looks like it's just us two.

Thyrsos: Everyone else is completely passed out! Well then...

The commander was relieved that the party ended a things had finally settled down.

Thyrsos: How about the two of us have another drink, Commander~


You really like drinking that much?

Thyrsos: Hmm, I don't think that's exactly it.

You've done well not to pass out, yet.

Thyrsos: This is one of those times that I can't get drunk no matter how hard I try.

You've been acting a bit strange today.

Thyrsos: I just felt like getting a little tipsy today, that's all.

Thyrsos: I love a good drink, but it's an even better feeling drinking with everyone and just having a good time.

Thyrsos: I love a good drink, but it's an even better feeling drinking when everyone and just having a good time!

Thyrsos: Though... there are also times where I drink just to forget about the sad and painful moments we've faced too.

Thyrsos: Like I said before, I'm not a strong person...

Thyrsos: Each day on the battlefield is seriously almost too much for me to handle!

Thyrsos: I don't know if I can ever become strong enough for us to prevail. It really worries me! If I could just...

Thyrsos: Oh no, I really am drunk... Whining and complaining in front of you, Commander...

Thyrsos: Commander... Could you please forget all that stuff I said just now...?

Usually giving off the impression of being strong-willed, and never discouraged...

This was the first time the commander saw her as a person, with problem like anyone else.

Episode 2: Drunken Accuracy

Thyrsos: Hey, Commander... Do you hate drunk women like me?

Thyrsos: I said some weird things back there, so I thought you... you wouldn't want to drink with me anymore... *Hic*

Thyrsos: Oooh, why do I feel so weak today...

Thyrsos: Oh enough! You know that Commander? Tomorrow, I'll be my strong and energetic self so let's give it our all! *Hic*

Thyrsos: Okay, then. How about we wake everyone else up and get ready to leave?

Thyrsos's legs begin to wobble as she tries to stand up.

Can you stand? Your legs...

Thyrsos: Hmm, I wonder...? Commander, help me up...just kidding?

Are you okay on your own there?

Thyrsos: Commander, can you please help me up...? Hah, just kidding!

You can lean on my shoulder if you'd like.

Thyrsos: Wow, how sweet of you! I think I may have just fallen in lo...look at your face! Ah ha ha!

Thyrsos: C'mon everyone, it's time to go now! Wake up!

Everyone in the room had woken up.

Thyrsos: Can you stand up...? Here, let me help you out.

Thyrsos: Hold on to my shoulder. Okay now...

She tries to help up one of the Killer Princesses to her feet. However...

Thyrsos: Ah...

She herself staggers when...

  • BAM*

...she bumps into a table

Thyrsos: ...Oops!

Several glasses on the table, now in the air, are about to crash onto the floor.

Thyrsos: WATCH OUT!!

In an instant, Thyrsos and the others moved without a moment's notice!

Thyrsos: Th...That was close...

The Killer Princes and Princesses around the table caught all the glasses at an incredible speed. In that moment...

Thyrsos: Heh...


The room bursted into laughter from this tiny miracle.

Thyrsos:That was a really close call! But, you know what? I think I can use this same move as a new attack!

Thyrsos: I call it the "Drunken Fist"! ...but that sound kinda ripped off from somewhere so forget I said that! Ah ha ha ha!

Thyrsos: I must still be a little drunk... Wait! I got it!

Thyrsos: My new attack! "Drunken Accuracy"!

It was at that moment she discovered a new skill.

Thyrsos: Sorry, Commander. I said some depressing things earlier, but I'll still fight with my all tomorrow.

Thyrsos: Thanks for hearing me out!

Thyrsos:All right then...

Thyrsos: How about another drink?

"What? She can still drink?" the commander thought, taken aback.

Thyrsos: C'mon, after what just happened now... What's wrong with a little more celebration? *Hic*

Thyrsos was now being helped by the commander to stand up.

Thyrsos: Hehe, hee hee hee! Today you'll drink with me until the morning, right?

And with her mischievous laugh, the commander had gotten a bad feeling about the state their livers would be in...

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