Tyrfing Chara Quest


Episode 1: A Serious Maiden's Wish

It is the Princesses' day off between battles, but in Tyrfing's case...

Tyrfing: *Pant* *pant* *pant*

Tyrfing: Ah! Commander...

Tyrfing: What? I'm training with my sword, as you can plainly see.

Tyrfing: I'm serious. This is what I usually do, as a Killer Princess!

Tyrfing: Huh? You want to go where? I'm right in the middle of my training, so...

She stammers.

Tyrfing: And besides, if I go off all of a sudden, what will Dulyn say...?

Just as Tyrfing predicted, Dulyn's voice can be heard looking for her in the distance.

The commander grabs Tyrfing's hand and starts to run.

Tyrfing: Huh?! Hey... wait a second!

The commander tells Tyrfing that it's important to take a break. Today is the day for Tyrfing to do whatever she wants to do.

Tyrfing: Whatever...I want to do?

Tyrfing: You'll grant any request?

Tyrfing: In that case...

After pondering a bit, she tells the commander...

Tyrfing: I want to do...what ordinary girls do.

With a loud "Gotcha!", the commander takes her into town.

Episode 2: What Ordinary Girls Do

The two enjoyed doing "what ordinary girls do," just as Tyrfing had requested.

Tyrfing: Does this really look good on me? You're not teasing me, are you?

They tried on clothes...

Tyrfing: Really? A present, just for me? Ahhh, you shouldn't have!

...shopped till they dropped...

Tyrfing: This tea is delicious! But Commander... Orange juice? Really? Oh, you're just like a little kid!

...then spend the rest of the afternoon at a nice, quiet cafe--and Tyrfing couldn't have been happier.

Tyrfing: Thanks for today, Commander. It was wonderful break from everything.

Tyrfing: We should do this more often.

A gentle breeze caresses her smiling face.

Tyrfing: All right, then! That's enough "ordinary girl" stuff.

Tyrfing: I'll be back to my "ordinary Killer Princess" stuff again tomorrow, Commander.

Do you sometimes yearn for the "ordinary"?

Tyrfing: No... I am a Killer Princess, but...

Are you sure you don't wish you were more "ordinary"?

Tyrfing: The life of someone...who isn't a Killer Princess...

Is it rough, not being "ordinary"?

Tyrfing: It's not rough, but...

Tyrfing: ...

She lowers her head

Tyrfing: To go on an ordinary date like this...just like any other ordinary girl...

Tyrfing: To fall in love like an ordinary girl...

Tyrfing: ...Commander!

She raises her eyes with a look like she's made up her mind.

Tyrfing: Commander, I...

Episode 2: Shock To Kill

Tyrfing: Commander, I...

Before Tyrfing can speak, a gust of wind sends countless leaves up into the air where they gracefully flutter around and around.

Tyrfing: ...

Her hands suddenly disappear in a blur, a fleeting look of sadness in her eyes.

Tyrfing: Could an "ordinary girl" do this?

In her hands rest dozens of leaves, all caught by her in the blink of an eye.

Tyrfing: Commander...

Tyrfing: Thank you for today!

Tyrfing: I felt like an ordinary girl for just one day, and it was super fun!

Tyrfing: You helped me... understand something.

Tyrfing: I'm a Killer Princess...and I can never be ordinary...

Tyrfing: ...but...

Tyrfing: ...that's fine by me. There are things only I can do too, I bet!

She smiles.

Tyrfing: Not only that... I caught a glimpse of a new skill!

She shows the commander the leaves in her grasp.

Tyrfing: This attack, which is too quick for the eye to catch... I'll call it "Shock to Kill."

It was at that moment she discovered a new skill.

Tyrfing: All right, let's head back. Dulyn must be waiting to complain at me about now.

She turns around.

What were you saying just now...?

Tyrfing: Commander, I...

I couldn't hear what you just said...because of that wind...

Tyrfing: I wanted to tell you...

Was there something you wanted to tell me...?

Tyrfing: My feelings... I wanted to say...

Tyrfing: ...No.

Tyrfing: I'll keep protecting you, Commander.

Enveloped by the scintillating natural beauty of the surrounding, she gives an awkward smile.

Episode 3: Demonblade Oath

Several days later...

Tyrfing: *Pant* *pant* *pant*

Tyrfing: Ah! Commander!

Tyrfing: Yes, I'm training with my sword again today.

Tyrfing: Thanks for the other day...

Tyrfing: Watch this!

Does she mean thanks for the date? The commander's expectations are piqued, just a little. But...

Tyrfing: I took a secret skill I'd learned and applied it to this new technique.

Tyrfing swings her sword, emitting a blast of energy that envelopes the entire area.

Tyrfing: Behold my new power: "Demonblade Oath"!

It was at that moment she discovered a new skill.

Tyrfing: When I'm with you, Commander...I get the feeling that there are no limits to how strong I might become.

Tyrfing: There I go, being all serious again...

Tyrfing: I just want you to know how thankful I am that you took me on that date... I haven't forgotten.

Tyrfing: That's what it was, right? A date?

Suddenly feeling bashful, Tyrfing flashes a cute little smile.

Tyrfing: Things got a bit rough after that, you know. Dulyn was full of complaints, just as I'd predicted.

Tyrfing: But I don't care...

Tyrfing: I had a really great time with you.

Tyrfing: Um, Commander, there's something I need to tell you about that day... I, I lied, Commander.

Tyrfing: What I told you back then...wasn't what I really wanted to say.

Tyrfing: The truth is...

Silence envelops both of them.

Tyrfing: I can't...really say what I mean right now, but...I bet...someday...

Tyrfing: Until then, Commander...

Tyrfing: ...please watch over me.

Saying this, Tyrfing peers intently into the commander's eyes.

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